How to Knit Two Color Brioche Stitch

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Learn to Knit Two-Color Brioche Stitch!

This week on my Ask Me Monday Facebook Live series, I used Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular Needles to show viewers how to knit two-color (aka bi-color) Brioche Stitch. In the video I go through each step of the basics for this double-knit technique including: joining the Contrasting Color (CC), how to work the Brioche Knit and Brioche Purl stitches, what it means to work each row twice, and how to bind-off once you’re finished!

Watch and learn: How to Knit Two Color Brioche Stitch


Brioche the Subject Scarf
(from Step It Up Knits, Chronicle Books)

Brioche the Subject Scarf from Step it Up Knits. Get the pattern and watch how-two video on two color brioche stitch on the @iamvickiehowell blog!

Appro.x 165 yds each of TWO colors of any worsted- weight (#4) wool blend

Size US 8/5 mm Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular Needle (of any length)

Crochet hook (any size)

Yarn needle

Unisex (one size)

Finished Measurements
Width: 5 in/12.5 cm (slightly stretched) Length: 60 in/152 cm (without fringe)

14 stitches and 16 rows per 4 in/10 cm in pattern stitch

Special Stitches

BP1 = Brioche Purl 1, purl together the slipped stitch and the YO from the row below.

BK1: Brioche Knit 1, knit together the slipped stitch and the YO from the row below.



With MC, CO 18 sts. Do not turn work.
Prep Row: (RS CC, forms purl columns in CC on RS) Slide work to other tip of needle and attach CC wyif, *sl 1, yo, p1; rep from * across. Turn work.

Row 1: (WS MC, forms purl columns in MC) Wyif, *sl 1, yo, bp1 (purl together the slipped stitch and yo from row before); rep from *across. Do not turn, slide sts to opposite end of needle where CC is attached.

Row 1: (WS CC, forms knit columns in CC) With CC, *bk1 (knit together the slipped stitch and yo from row before), yf, sl 1, yo; rep from * across. Turn work.

Row 2: (RS MC, forms knit columns in MC) Maintain the CC yo of last worked st by holding it under left needle to the back; with MC, *bk1, yf, sl 1, yo; rep from * across. Do not turn, slide sts to opposite end of needle where CC is attached.

Row 2: (RS CC, forms purl columns in CC) With CC, wyif, *sl 1, yo, bp1; rep from * across. Turn work.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 RS and WS with colors indicated, until scarf measures 60″/152 cm and finishing with a RS CC row.

BO using CC as follows: K1, bp1, pass second stitch over first stitch on the RH needle (one st BO off.) Cont in this matter, knitting the knit stitches and bp1 ( the sl st and YO) while binding off.

Cut both colors, leaving 6 in/15 cm tails.

Knit Two Color Brioche Tips Checklist by @iamvickiehowell



Fringe (make 12)

Using MC, cut 5 strands of yarn double – ished fringe to be. Holding strands together, fold in half. Insert a crochet hook (any size) through the right side of the edge of your project and lay yarn at folded point over the hook. Pull the yarn through, from back to front, just enough to create a loop. Set aside crochet hook and use your hands to fold loop over edge of project and pull ends of yarn through loop. Pull until taught. Repeat this process, attaching 6 fringe bunches evenly across each scarf end.

Weave in ends. Block if necessary.

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7 Responses to “How to Knit Two Color Brioche Stitch”

  1. Sharon Durant

    during the podcast, you mentioned Temple and a company — … I know I have them wrong and really wanted to follow through… if you have a moment, could you set me straight?
    thank you! … off to do brioche. it was already on my to-do list

    • Sharon Durant

      BTW– your explanation was a zillion times better than the YouTube videos I looked up!! THANK YOU

  2. LeeAnn H. Buck

    I have never tried brioche. I have noticed it around and am interested. I will give your scarf pattern a try! Maybe I will do better than at knitting live in Mpls.
    When will you be in Seattle?
    Working on the website.

  3. S Ferraraccio

    Haven’t tried brioche knitting, but your tutorial makes me want too!

  4. Anita A Loon

    I watched you for the first time ever !!! So excited to learn the two-color Brioche stitch !!!!! So happy I dropped in to watch you. you were so easy to understand, so thank you Vicky !!! If I win I would use smaller needles to make the scarf you showed in the pod cast. Now I’m off to try your Brioche scarf !!!

  5. Rosanne Sitcher

    I really like ask me Monday, I am from Arkansas, I would love to try brioche . Small circular needles would be great to win. I learn a lot and do knit and crochet. I watch all your shows on pbs . I use to own some circular needles but after the fire never replaced them . I go to grandma yard sales and was ale to get a set of straight needles. Just getting back into it. Your great, this is fun. Stitcher Stitching Rosanne

  6. Joy

    I love this video! Thanks so much for making this clear. I have a question though – the sides look a little wonky. I sometimes slip the first stitch of every row to make the sides smooth. Is there a way to do that with this pattern? Would you just add a stitch on either end? I hope my question is stated clearly.
    Thank you!