That’s a Wrap on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell (S1) Filming!

The Knit Show Wraps Studio Shoot!

The Knit Show : Highly Anticipated Craft Show Finishes Wraps Production. Premiers in October!

Just over a week ago, filming wrapped for the first studio quality, community funded, internationally accessible knitting and crochet episodic series. Produced in partnership with ProductionFor, 10 episodes of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell are now ready for post-production. Pulling this exciting project together was truly a community effort, and we are thrilled with the project and can’t wait to share it! The full season of the show will go live on Youtube on October 5th, so that knitters and crocheters across the globe can binge watch while they stitch. This show will be free for all, making it available for everyone, with access to the internet, regardless of location or socioeconomic status.

The Knit Show | Host, Vickie Howell

The Studio Shoot

Although the field segments — ranging from personal training sessions for body health and a conversation with a psychotherapist about the mindfulness of knitting, to an insider’s look at an artisanal yarn mill and a field trip to visit shepherds in Central Asia — have been filmed intermittently over the past few months, all studio segments were shot over the course of 5 days at the beginning of August in Austin, Texas.

Twenty industry experts and superstars (including: Pompom Quarterly’s Meghan Fernandes, Koigu’s Taiu Landra, and Breeders musician Kelley Deal) travelled from across the nation, Canada, and Brazil to be a part of the show. They brought with them their talent, knowledge, and most of all a shared enthusiasm for what a show like this one will offer the D.I.Y. community. The energy on set was positive and palpable, and thanks to the vision of Art Director/Director Traci Goudie also a destination experience which included being surrounded by a gallery showing of pieces from 12 different local artists, gorgeous foliage from East Austin Succulents, and vintage furniture to hang out on during downtime.

The Knit Show Hivesters

Along with expert guests, each episode includes 3 “Knit Hive” (a term we coined, meant as a nod to knitting bees of old and the modern “hive mind” mentality) members representing our community. The Hive revolved every episode and over the course of the season included “Hivesters” ranging from hobbyists and fans, to yarn store owners and authors. It takes a village to produce a TV show, and that includes the interest of people to watch it. We wanted to show, even in a small way, appreciation of that. Hence, our Hive.

Community Partners

Along with over 1,200 individual fans, designers, small business people and a few larger companies who backed the Kickstarter campaign which funded initial production of The Knit Show, we’ve recently also had the pleasure of working with a few more partners who committed to helping make the first season happen. Huge thanks to West Elm (and their Austin-based storefront) for providing furniture for the set, ModCloth (and their local, Austin FitShop) for providing my wardrobe, and our most recent backer Interweave/ F+W for joining our viewer outreach efforts. On behalf of the entire, The Knit Show Team, we appreciate you!

We are continuing to look for partnerships on many fronts, and are open to opportunities. If your company has interest in working on social initiatives, live events, bonus content, and more, please contact:

A Glimpse at What to Expect

Please take a moment to watch our season Teaser. It’s bite sized, so perfect for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Feel free to download and embed within your own newsletters, blogs, and other communication platforms. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the entire season, coming soon. (Psst…don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on Youtube, so you don’t miss a thing!)

6 Responses to “That’s a Wrap on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell (S1) Filming!”

  1. Kathryn Shah

    I’ve loved your work in the past. Good luck with your new show. At least a few of the psychologists trained during the Vietnam War years were going to college to avoid the draft and thought psychology would be “easy’. I’ve met one who insisted I was clinically “depressed” because I was doing charity knitting. My grandmother, in charge of Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin after WWII, had taught me to knit when I was still in diapers. She showed me the piece when I was four. Please make sure that you get someone who doesn’t think that we’re all demented just because we continue working with our hands and minds even after we sit down to rest. Foolish man! I knit a scarf for an aide in Rehab after an illness and am now doing charity knitting for my church and a local hospital. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Vickie Howell


      Hey there! I assure you, our intension in having a psychotherapist on was to do quite the opposite of shedding a negative light on mental health and knitting. We focus on the mindfulness of the craft as well as the benefits! 🙂

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  3. Laura Daugherty

    I just found your show today and am thrilled that I can watch you again, such a great show. I told my knitting friends about you and I’m sure that they will enjoy it as much as I do. Happy knitting !!

  4. Loretha Dixon

    Good Morning, glad to see you back on line, if not on my TV. I tried to download a pattern on the website, which when it printed out had a block shareaholic blocking out the pattern,
    Is it possible to get rid of this, it will not X out as it supposed to when clicking on the X , there for the pattern is not useable. The pattern is the Chunky Staocking and the leg potion is blocke from row 1-13 the heart of the pattern.