How to Knit Corrugated Rib

Intro to Two-Handed Stranding: Knit Corrugated Rib

I love stripes. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, plaid; if it’s a series of straight lines, then I’m in! In knitting, the easiest (and most common) method of creating stripes is (usually) horizontally by alternating yarn colors every X rows, depending on how wide the desired stripe will be. Vertical stripes, or columns of color, are a wee bit trickier. They’re also, graphically cool, and offer a great introduction to two-handed stranding. The method for doing so is called corrugated rib.

On the latest installment of my weekly Facebook Live series, Ask Me Monday, I showed how to knit corrugated rib in-the-round. This method is great for anywhere you’d traditionally want a little bit of ribbing, like a cuff or brim, while also adding interest to the piece. Knit corrugated rib is worked by alternating two colors of yarn, every other stitch while also alternating knits and purls (creating the rib effect.) It can absolutely be knit by holding only the strand in use, then swapping for the next color. If that’s what’s most comfortable, then you do you! If you’re feeling like you want to up the efficiency ante, though then two-handed stranding is the way to go. Stranding with both hands involves “throwing” with one hand, and “picking” with the other. This sounds intimidating, but it’s really not. It’s actually kind of fun — I promise!

Watch the video below, where I walk you step-by-step through the process.


Watch and learn how to knit Corrugated Rib!

You’ve got the skill, now get the pattern!

Now that you’ve watched the video and absorbed the concept, you’re ready to put the skill to use! My latest design, the Dashing beanie is a unisex hat that combines knit corrugated rib with traditional rib. It’s knit in Woolpaca Chunky which means it’s soft, has a nice, drapey slouch and works up quickly on size 10 1/2 needles. 

Download the pattern here.

Dashing Beanie shown in Woolpaca Chunky colors : Blackout and Soot.


Be sure to tag @vickiehowell with photos of your knit corrugated rib projects and your Dashing beanies — I love seeing your work!



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