Knit Aid!

“What a great book! [Vickie] really covers everything and I love the small size, I can definitely see myself keeping this book at my fingertips.  Good job!”–Brett Bara, Editor, Crochet Today
Well, it’s official, Knit Aid: a Learn It, Fix It, Finish It Guide for Knitters on the Go has hit stands!  As I’ve said before, I’m really excited about this book because unlike my others which really catered to very specific knitters, this one has a little something for everyone (as is illustrated by the handy-dandy table of contents below! )

Now please, if you will, sit back, relax and allow me to give you a little video blog style introduction to my wee how-to guide.  Give me 4 minutes of your time and I’ll give you the knitting world!  I kid.  I joke.  But seriously, in lieu of my usual written rambling today, I rambled on camera from my messy office.

Have I sold ya, yet?  Well then, why not let your fingers do the walking over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com.  They’ve got it now, and are shipping asap.  Snag it here!
Lastly, big mushy gushy thanks to my editor of Knit Aid and all of my books over the past 4 years, Jo Fagan.  She’s recently moved on to pursue other professional opportunities, and I’m going to miss working with her.
Happy book-ing!
P.S.  If you wanted to *ahem*, you know, tell a friend or blog about Knit Aid, I would totally love you long time. 🙂

17 Responses to “Knit Aid!”

  1. Margot Potter


    You are absolutely adorable and that book looks amazing. Kudos on a job well done on the book and the video blog.


  2. Renna

    I always read your blog, though I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. I just had to say, though, that I love that book. It really sounds like something I could benefit from having with me in my knitting bag at all times; and I love the size, and especially that it’s spiral bound. I wish you mucho sales success on this book!!!

  3. ferrous

    you *so* need to do a book like this for crochet! i don’t knit (but i’m sure i’ll be convinced to start sooner or later), but even if i did knit, i love crochet so much.

    the crochet world needs a book like this from you. 🙂

  4. Nichole

    What about those of us who preordered the signed copies with you??? I’m jealous that someone else can go snag it off the shelves and I don’t have mine yet… (pout).

  5. Vickie Howell

    Thank you so much , guys!

    Nichole–I know it sucks that you’re having to wait, but the big retailers who order thousands of books always get theirs before us little guys, because they have standing orders. I have the envelopes here and ready to go the minute I get the books and sign them for everyone. Thanks for your patience!


  6. Scoutj

    You crack me up. I need to check this out. Actually, email me! I have some really exciting news…..

  7. Doe

    I snagged Knit Aid months ago….from your website and I am hoping it comes really soon. Any idea about a time frame? Can’t wait. Also, I noticed that you said there would be no new episodes of Knitty Gritty…eey gads, why not? What a bummer.

  8. Jennifer

    I watched the video you made about the book and I’m sold! I’m ordering it right now!

  9. beth

    Sooo after being totally mad at myself for forgetting to preorder your wonderful book I dashed off to the Conference of Northern California Hand weavers to expand my horizons. I wandered by the Unicorn Books and Crafts booth and Imagine my surprise when I spotted it, there among all the weaving & spinning books was the cutest little knitting reference I have ever seen. I snatched one up immediately. I was very impressed with the shop, as the book was just released 4 days before the conference. I must say it was a delight to find it as I was a bit overwhelmed in the unfamiliar world of Spinning/Weaving. Anyway thought you might be interested in knowing where your book was being sold.

    Happy Knitting,
    beth 🙂