Judy’s Not the Only Fancy Garland!

Like crochet? Looking for summer weather appropriate neckwear? Does the word “garland ” make you feel festive? Well then fantastic, this project’s tailor made just for you! As always, pattern’s are available on my Shop page. Happy hooking!

Pattern $5

Yarn: VHC ROCK/ Colors: Joan & Ani

Special thanks to Jen A. from the Austin Craft Mafia for modeling and my beloved turquoise door for acting as background scenery. 😉

This weekend we went and looked at houses, which was depressing, and thrifted for all of the plates we need for our post-elopement party. We’re borrowing Jennifer P.‘s vintage tablecloths, to go along with our “flea market” eclectic look. Next we need to figure out napkins, silverware, glasses and centerpieces for 17, long tables of 6. Oh, and locating the festoon lights that we’d like to string throughout the plaza. That’s really it for excitement here.

Nightie, night!,

3 Responses to “Judy’s Not the Only Fancy Garland!”

  1. Jan

    Hi Vickie. I am in the u.k. and having trouble ordering [for download]a pattern. Tells me to enter state or province [not applicable in u.k.] and when I don’t won’t let me continue….

  2. g3doherty

    Golly Gee.

    It stinks that I only know how to do the single chain……but my chain could be miles long…about as long as the yellow brick road..
    well, off to see the wizard…now, I got that song in my head.