In the nick of time!

Just two days after my tired ol’ sewing machine malfunctioned right when I was in the middle of making holiday stockings, a new machine arrived on my doorstep. It’s a Christmas miracle! I will sew again. I will.

Seriously though, the Janome I ordered finally made it’s way here and HOLY AWESOMENESS, Batman! Because I’ve been struggling with my other machine for so long I’d forgotten how much I really do dig sewing. The majority of the projects I tend to work on are craft or home related so I chose a machine that could handle lots of heavy fabric action. I put it to the test today, and so far, so good! It’s the very user friendly, Magnolia 7330 from Janome’s floral series which I *heart* because frankly, I’m a sucker for darling design. Also though, it reminds me of my mom making clothes for me in the 70’s particularly, this little number she whipped up when I was 4 (I think I’ve posted this shot before–it’s one of my favorites).

It’s cool to be sitting in front of the machine now at about the same age she was in this picture, staring at those happy yellow flowers while I sew something for my own kids.

Crafty Holidays!

10 Responses to “In the nick of time!”

  1. Jill

    I love love love love my Janome. I want to sleep with it under my pillow at night. I hope you get to love yours just as much.


  2. tina

    Aha! Congrats congrats on your new machine! Sewing is just the best ever thing in the world—- you can rule the world if you sew!

  3. Vickie Howell

    Tina–yeah, I’ve been sewing since I was 7 and used to loooooooooove it. Think I just got distracted for a bit,but I’m back!:)

  4. susanc

    Sewing rocks! What a cute picture – I have that same doll (Chatty Cathy, I believe). Brings back happy memories! :o)

  5. Knitting Maniac

    Vickie… my local sewing center has these for sale for 199.99. Should I snag one, even though I have a perfectly in-working-order sewing machine (this is called “Vickie Howell said I should buy one of these, so I did”)? I was looking through our paper, and I said “hey …there’s Vickie’s machine!”

    Say yes. Say yes. And then send an email to my husband to tell him that you DID approve of the purchase. 🙂

  6. Vickie Howell

    Wow, that’s a great price. I think like 40+% off! Ummmm, if I’m understanding you correctly, then I am to say, “YES, you should buy this machine!” 😉

    Seriously, I do dig mine although the only thing I have to compare it to was my always malfunctioning machine so, ummm, take that info as you will.


  7. Knitting Maniac

    Well we shall see if I get it accomplished. My husband just walked away, muttering “you HAVE a sewing machine.”

    Yes. Yes I do. I also have about 1 billion pairs of knitting needles and 2 billion skeins of yarn. Doesn’t stop me from buying more.

    Thanks for the information, Vickie. It looks like a cool machine!

  8. Jennie B

    Would you recommend that Janome for a newbie sewer who’s just starting to learn?