In short, a NYC report.

Thanks to our awesome friends, we had a great time in NYC. The trip was an early birthday present for Dave, who’d never been before. The first two nights we stayed with my knitting friend Lori on the upper west side–who is always the loveliest of hosts– the last two nights, Adina let us borrow her Soho apartment while she visited her sister.

My husband’s a shopper so during the day, we spent most of our time roaming the streets of the village and mid-town, looking for unique boutiques and interesting restaurants. I assure you, we found more than a few of both. πŸ™‚ On Wednesday night after I did a little work at Sterling, we went to the East Village for dinner at Cavern of Dreams. Thursday night, was a one-night only screening of the re-mastered, 25th anniversary of Poltergeist which still, in my humble opinion, holds its weight in the paranormal genre. Friday night, we met Adina and her man for drinks and Indian food. Yum and yum. Saturday night, Will F. was kind enough to put us on the list for Saturday Night Live. The host was Seth Rogen (who BTW, totally killed it with his performance and who Dave especially, is a big fan of and the main reason we chose that weekend for our trip) and the musical guest was Spoon (who, coincidentally is from Austin). As always, it was a blast! Lisa L. was also going to be in town for work, so we made plans to meet her and her boyfriend at the show. We all watched from Will’s dressing room until the band played, when we were allowed to come out on to the stage floor. My favorite moment of the night was when I looked up and saw Dave’s smiling face while he watched Spoon, with Seth R. on his left and Will Arnett on his left. Good stuff.

After the show, we headed to the After Party where the cocktails flowed and we got to chat with some of the cast, writers and friends. We stayed until about 4am, jumped in a cab with Will’s writing partner John Solomon (Will hung back to hob nob with Knocked Up/Superbad/40-year-old Virgin director, Judd Apatow) and headed off to the After After Party. We stayed there for all of 2.2 minutes when we thought better of missing our 7am flight in the name of another drink. Two more cab rides and the fastest packing job ever later, and we were on a plane headed for home.

Dave & I at a Soho bar with Adina Klein (Knit.1 & Vogue Knitting) and her boyfriend, Chris.

Will interacting with fans, after SNL.

I took this shot of Seth Myers talking to Chevy Chase, because I’m a mom and I thought Seth may want the moment recorded. You know, for his memoirs. Because Chevy’s a legend. Thanks.

Dave at The SNL after party with Will, Seth Rogen and a friend.
Me at the after party with Lisa and musician, Jason Freese (that night he played horn on SNL with the band, Spoon.)

Special thanks to Lori Steinberg, Adina Klein and Will Forte without whom this trip would’ve never come together so smoothly. I *heart* my friends.

Thank you for listening.


10 Responses to “In short, a NYC report.”

  1. Average Jane Crafter

    Uh yeah … I’m beyond jealous over here! That sounds like a fantastic weekend! Glad y’all had such fun.

    I remembered you saying you were going to be at SNL this weekend, and when I watched the episode, I kept watching the crowd wondering if you’d pop up! πŸ™‚ When Chevy Chase appeared, I almost fell out of my seat. I can’t believe you were there when Chevy Chase did a guest appearance! I’m just gonna dork out here for a second with a big ole’ OHMYGAWD! OHMYGAWD!

    I’ve been a big SNL fan since I was a kid. My family once had tickets to a show (I still have the ticket – Paul Simon and Linda Ronstadt were the host/musical guest) and we got riiiiiiight to the doors of the studio – ugh! I was looking in! And they wouldn’t let us in because I was 12 at the time. I ran, screaming and crying, in to a bathroom stall. I can remember it like it was yesterday. SOMEDAY! Someday I’ll go back and get to see an episode. Until then, it’s fun to live vicariously through folks who have been!

  2. Anonymous

    I watched too!!! I was hoping I would see ya. You couldn’t have picked a better show to go too. Also, are you on Ravelry?

  3. Vickie Howell

    Monica–No. Don’t you have to be invited to be on Ravelry?

    Jennifer– Yeah, I’m totally old enough to be his babysitter but he he’s adorable. πŸ˜‰

    Avg Jane–Yeah, when we walked by C.C. in the hallway, Dave and I both had to work at remaining calm.

    That sucks about your SNL experience. Linda Ronstant would’ve been awesome! Did you see her appearance on the muppets?


  4. tina

    Definitely the life of the young and famous. (Or a close approximation).

    Sounds like great fun!!!!!

  5. Kelly B

    Sounds like an awesome trip, Vickie! I love SNL and have recently become a born again watcher since Jason Sudeikis has started to appear as a regular cast member. We went to high school together and he has always been a HI-larious person!

    Glad you had such an amazing trip! I’m very jealous. πŸ™‚

  6. annette

    sounds like a wonderful time. Awesome.

    Love the pics.

    (just wanted to tell you I just got finished knitting a piece of “padding for my wheelchair. It is working great for my wheelchair. Keeps me from getting sores on my leg.

    Still haven’t mastered getting the needles caught in my ventilator tubing.

    Having a great time with my new fav hobby.

    take care..

  7. Average Jane Crafter

    You know, I vaguely remember that episode … I need to rent the Muppets DVDs again. I Netflixed them a few years ago, and when I popped one in and said, “Hey kids, this is a show mama watched when she was a kid!” My daughter responded with, “Oh man, is it gonna be in black and white!?” C’mon! I’m not *that* old! Sheesh! πŸ™‚

  8. Shannon D.

    I’m so jealous about the SNL experience. I’d love to do that. NYC is one of my dream destinations, I’ll have to find girlfriends to go with, though, b/c DH has no interest in going.

    As for Ravelry: You don’t need an invite, per se, but until they are live there is a waiting list. You just have to sign up and you’ll get in when they get to you. It’s great fun and a great knitting resource. Well worth the wait.

  9. Dave Lowe

    Forget SNL…I’m so jealuous you guys made it to the Poltergiest movie. I got stuck working and had to skip it.