I’ll Pimp Your Stuff, If You’ll Pimp Mine. ;-)

Hiya folks! In the spirit of community cross-promoting I have a few things I wanted to float past you to see if you’re interested. Here goes!

Blog Ads
Wanna advertise on my blog? Well then, you’re in luck! I’ve just started a ad program that’s easy, flexible and really-affordable! Through Blogads, you can place a banner for your project, business, special sale, etc, on my site for as little as 40 bucks. It’s a great way to reach thousands of people with similar interests for very little cash! Check out the “Advertise on” link on the right-hand column of this page, for more info.

Guest Bloggers
Starting later this month and going through then end of the year, I would love to invite a few guests to take over my blog for a day. If you have a project you’d like to promote, then I’m all for it! Have some witty commentary (Yarn Harlot, are you out there?) on your life as a knitter/parent/working person/whatever, that you’d like to share well, that’s good too! Once we confirm what your topic will be, we’ll pick a date and I’ll post your written goodness (pictures a plus!) here. I’ll make sure to include a link to your own blog within the post and only ask that you also link to mine from yours. Which brings me to…

Link Swaps
I feel like my list of blog links is sadly short. Feel like swapping? If you have a knit, crochet, crafty, idie biz, home living, etc., focused blog, then I’d love to trade links with you! I think I have room for about 10 more spaces without knocking the page formatting outta wack. Anyone? Bueller?

Knitting Stores Needed!
The Knitty Gritty Knits/Not Another Teen Knitting Book tour is in the planning stages and we’re looking for stores that I may be able to come to, visit and maybe do a little signing action at. Below is the list of cities I’ll be hitting next January and February. If you have a favorite yarn store or other venue that you think shouldn’t be missed, please let us know! You can either leave a comment here or e-mail the publisher’s publicity department at

San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL
Bloomington, MN (Would need to be near Mall of Americas)
Phoenix, AZ
Denver and/or Boulder, CO
New York, NY
Boston, MA

If you’re interested in any of the above and prefer not to leave a comment here, please feel to contact me though the VH.Com About Page.


31 Responses to “I’ll Pimp Your Stuff, If You’ll Pimp Mine. ;-)”

  1. littlehedgehog

    When you’re in San Francisco you should go to Imagiknit! That place is amazing! And the Samovar Tea Room across the street is great too!

  2. Sorka

    Hey oooh can I do a guest blog topic and get a link as a consolationprize??Plllease?

  3. Vickie Howell

    Oh, that sucks, I’m sorry. It looks like we’re only going to be able to do 1 loom show since we have just 26 spots to fill and they have tons of requests to try and take care of. I promise, I tried for 2, though!:-( But yes, by all means, you should guest post! Actually, I’ll have you know, that I went out and bought a wee plastic rectangular loom, but have yet to try it out. I’m hoping to fit it in sometime before 2007. :-)–VH

  4. Isela: Purling Sprite

    Bueller is out sick, lol.

    Would love to be a guest blogger for you. I could do a special topic on round looms or knitting board knitting.

    Would love to swap links too. I run a loom knitting bloggy–knitting with needles covered too :).

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Vickie! I already link to you on my blog. You’re more then welcome to link to me ( My blog is mainly about crochet,though, from my designs to anything fiber related that is inspirational to me.

    Hope you have a blast on your book tour!
    All the best- Robyn

  6. Melissa

    A few Portland, OR yarn stores:
    Close Knit
    2140 NE Alberta

    Knit Purl
    1101 SW Alder

    1700 NW Marshall

  7. Crafty Chica

    do you have a place for phoenix yet? i’ll hook ya up. i can help you get tv media too to cover it!!!
    kathy πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous


    I just wanted to say I LOVE reading your blog here and I get sad when you can only post once a week or so. πŸ™ You and Knitty Gritty are fantastic! Knitting has never really been in the public eye before, so I thank you. (And wish you could blog more! lol)

  9. sarah

    Hi Vickie!

    I’d love to swap links with you! My blog is dedicated to my adventures in handknitting and knitwear design, with a few “all about my life” photos thrown in for good measure. : )

    Not a Yarn Snob

  10. Anonymous

    Yet another Portland,OR knit shop, The Knitting Bee on West Union rd (west side of the city).

  11. KipperKnitter

    PLEASE COME TO THE KANSAS CITY AREA!!! There are several very cool, hip knitting stores here and I’m sure any one or all of them would welcome your visit!!! Email me if you would like details regarding the shops. Thanks and hope to see you soon!!!

  12. Jennifer Coomer

    Vickie, I think you need a “button” on your blog that we can post on our own blogs. Alot of crafty fiber maven bloggers would post a linking back to your website/blog.

  13. amie

    I’d love to swap with you Vicki! My blog is: I’ve been meaning to add new links myself. I guess you can guess it’s a crochet blog, but I post about other crafty stuff too.

    I like the ad idea. I’ll be looking into that. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous

    For Portland, OR, I do hope you will consider The Yarn Garden — 1413 SE Hawthorne 503-239-7950 It’s one of those yarn stores where I feel comfortable just browsing or buying sale items. The staff is fantastically friendly and helpful. If they’re yarn snobs, they’ve never shown it to me.

    Hope to see you here!

  15. MamaKaren

    I link to you on the sidebar of my blog (, and would be very happy to guest blog here. I’ve been designing some purses and totes (the entrelac one I did in September turned out very well) and would be honored to be featured, either for a design project or to spout off about how knitting is my therapy!

  16. Vickie Howell

    Thanks, everyone! We’reworking on getting the links up and I’ll forward shop info to the publisher.

    mamakaren–I couldn’t get your blog to come up–is there possibly a typo in your post?

    Jennifer–Ask and you shall receive. πŸ˜‰
    Button’s available on the LH column of my blog.