I Love to Create: Sparkly Bow Necklace

While visiting family last month, I flipped through a copy of Elle Magazine and came across the Kate Spade Bow Necklace. It made me smile in all of it’s kitschy glory; also inspiring me to create a less-blingy, more affordable, ribbon version. I think the result is an adorable, vintage-style bit of sparkle that makes the perfect accessory to wear to those holiday parties. Here’s how to make your own!
60″ Chain
1, 9 ft. Roll of 3/8″ Wide Ribbon
9, 6mm Jump Rings
1, 12mm Lobster Clasp
Jewelry Pliers & Cutters
Needle & Thread
5, Lucite Shank Buttons
How-To Make Bows
Make 3 large versions and 3 small (made by just pulling the loops tighter as you go).
  • To make these bows, make a loop as if you were creating a hope ribbon (you know, the ones for supporting our troops, breast cancer awareness, etc.). (Photo 1)
  • Without cutting the ribbon, make another loop that points in the opposite direction. Begin hand-tacking with needle & thread. (Photo 2)
  • Make 3rd & 4th loops, perpendicular to the last set. Hand-tack. (Photo 3)
  • Continue in this manner, creating 8 loops total and hand-tacking as you go, until bow has a “filled-in” look (Photo 4)


  • Brush-on a layer of Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener to each bow. Let dry.
  • Use jewelry cutters to snip shanks off of 3 buttons. Use Liquid Fusion to adhere buttons to the centers of the large bows. Let dry.

How-To Assemble Necklace

  • Double chain, so it’s tiered at desired lengths. Snip off excess.
  • Use jump rings to secure the ends of the two tiers of the chain together. Attach lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.
  • Link the two chains together towards the top of the necklace by attaching a jump ring to a button (with shank left on) and then hooking them both on to the chains. Repeat on opposite side.
  • Pierce a jump ring through each bow, and attach them evenly to both tiers of chain.
  • Wear, sparkle & enjoy!
Craft.Rock.Love…for the holidays!,

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