I Love to Create: Robbit Plushies!

Robbit Plushies!

Rabbits are nice but robots are (dare I say) cooler–this year add a little techie love to a traditional bunny to make the kids a Robbit plushie for their Easter basket! Here’s how.

Grey Felt
Poly or Bamboo Stuffing
Sewing Machine & Grey Thread
Fashion Graffiti Fabric Paint Tagger (in either color: Soho, Merge or Taxicab)

Fabric Marker (Black)
Fine Tip Paint Brush
Optional: Embroidery Needle & Floss (Silver & Light Blue)
Optional: Wooden Skewer
  • Cut front & back pieces for the head, body, legs, arms & ears (see photo below for examples.)
  • Use Fabric Paint Tagger to color in the center of the front ear pieces, and a square on the front body piece. Let dry.
  • Use Fabric Marker to draw a robot-y face on front head piece and the frequency modulator line on the body front.
  • Using needle & floss, embroider detailing on the body & eyes (optional).
  • Sew Robbit together using a top stitch & 1/4″ seam allowance; stuffing all pieces (except the ears) as you go along.
Note: If you don’t want your Robbit to be all flopsy-mopsy, insert a wooden skewer through the stuffing in the body & head.

Blue Robbit

Blue Robbit

Pink Robbit

Pink Robbit

Yellow Robbit

Yellow Robbit
Beep-beep, hippoty-hop–Happy Easter!

12 Responses to “I Love to Create: Robbit Plushies!”

  1. annalea

    ooh, i think i now know what a certain 5 year old boy is now getting in his easter basket. thanks!

  2. Allegra

    Oh, I love this Vickie! My 2 1/2 yo daughter is obsessed with robots, this would be perfect to add to her Easter basket.

  3. Bonnie

    How cute are those???? Does your brain ever shut off? 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  4. Sorka

    Ooooh that is the perfect idea for use with the bunny eyes I came across at the thrift store last week! OOH yeah! I see me making a few of these for Toy Society drops in the next week or two! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. SarahR

    Hi. Am making these for Easter. Could use some more specific sewing instructions… For example, do you sew and stuff the limbs first and then attach to body? Any details would be much appreciated. Thanks.