I Love to Create: Potato Stamp Tutorial

Potato stamping is an easy and fun way to dip your toe into both stamp making and fabric printing; since today’s St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed extra appropriate to post a tutorial on it. Here’s how to turn Ireland’s infamous vegetable into the holiday’s celebrated symbol!


Baking Potato
Paring Knife
Tulip Slick Paint in Color: Leaf Green
Sponge Brush
Plain Fabric
Making the Stamp
  • Cut tip of potato off so that a flat end is created. Leave the peel on the rest of the potato, so that you have something to grasp onto while you’re stamping.
  • Use a pen to free-hand a Shamrock (or whatever shape desired) onto the potato end. Since potatoes are pretty juicy the pen may not write well on so make sure you press hard enough as you draw so an imprint is at least created.
  • Using a paring knife, carefully whittle away about 1/4″ deep of the negative (the part that will not be a part of the image) space of the potato.
Stamping on Fabric
  • Brush a thin layer of Tulip Slick Fabric Paint onto the stamp. It’s important to go this route instead of just dipping the potato into paint, if you don’t want a lot of gloppy-glops (for lack of a better term) on the fabric. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Firmly press stamp onto fabric (the smoother the textile the better), taking care not to shift.
It’s as simple as that. Use your new stamp on napkins, place mats, kiddie t-shirts, greeting cards and more!
Wishing you the Luck of the Irish from me and my little Clover!
Clover's 1st St. Paddy's
Make you’re own tiny top hat headband, with a plain band, a cupcake topper
& some Liquid Fusion!


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  1. Casa Velha

    I totally want to do this but I am going to make little pink tulips for spring.

    Your little Clover is beautiful.