I Love to Create: Patriotic Ric-Rac Flowers

This Independence Day add a little patriotic flair to your BBQ bash, with these adorable, sparkler-inspired flowers.  Stick these crafted cuties in planters around your patio, in milk glass vases (filled with marbles) on your picnic table, or peaking out of napkin rings at each place setting.  They’re quick & fun to make and their retro-kitsch look will have you feeling nostalgic for some good ol’ fashioned, American-style celebration complete of course, with fireworks and apple pie!


Red, 1/2″ Wide Ric-Rac
White, 1/4″ Wide Ric-Rac
Blue Sequin Trim
Red, White and/or Blue Buttons
Sponge Brush
Glue Gun & Hot Glue
Kabob Skewers 

Step 1:  Flower Power

  • To make the flower, lay out about 12″ of the wider ric-rac.  Using Fabric Fusion, glue on a strip of thinner ric-rac on top of wider version.  Let dry.
  • Using needle and thread, sew a running stitch through both layers of ric-rac.  Pull on thread until ric-rac bunches up.  Pinch the bunch into a circle so that the bumps look like flower petals, and sew into place.

  • Hand sew or use hot glue to attach a button center to your ric-rac flower.  Set aside.

Step 2:  Stick Around
  • To create the stem, cover a pointy stick (I used kabob skewers) with a layer or two of white paint.  While it’s still wet, completely cover the stick with glitter.  Let dry.
  • Hot glue stem onto back of flower.
5 Other Uses for Ric-Rac Flowers
Skip the stick and use the blossom part as an embellishment on its own!  Would work great:
  1. Sewn onto a little girls’ dress.
  2. Turned into a jacket brooch, by adding a pin to the back.
  3. Glued onto the back of a clip-on earring and made into a kitschy shoe clip.
  4. Glued onto card-stock for 3-dimensional cards.
  5. Sewn to a long piece of ribbon and tied onto a present.
Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

2 Responses to “I Love to Create: Patriotic Ric-Rac Flowers”

  1. Rowena

    what a lovely idea never thought of using ric-rac to make flowers. l shall certainly try this idea now thankyou very much. Rowena

  2. Suzie

    How fun I remember making ric rac flowers 50 years ago. Still a get idea, I love the sequin added.