I Love to Create: Ode to Oscars Project Round-Up

With the Oscars only a few days away, it seems appropriate to pay tribute to tinsel town with a few, crafty project ideas that play on the titles and themes of this year’s nominees for Best Picture. I took a tour of the virtual handmade annals, and found a bunch of great pieces created by some very talented crafters. Use their objects d’art as inspiration for your own ideas or, if you don’t D.I.Y., then support the artist community by buying one of these original goodies!
Ok, without further ado, the nominees for Best Picture (and corresponding craft) are…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

In this movie, title character Benjamin (Brad Pitt) inherited a button factory from his estranged, biological father. As an ode to this flick, here are a few, cute-as-a-you-know-what projects that’ll inspire you to raid your own button stash.

From L-R: Whimsy Love’s adorable rings, Auburn Studio’s fabric button barrettes, Vintage Home’s antique-themed frame, and Julia Laing’s leafy brooches.

With the help of Aleene’s Liquid Fusion, you can glue those beautiful baubles to anything from jewelry findings to picture frames. True to it’s name, it’ll stick anything to anything and keep it there–I used it myself to affix retro mini-toys onto a painted frame for a past project for my Kiwi Magazine, Eco-Craft column.

Whether you’re “Team Frost” or “Team Nixon”, wearing your heart on your sleeve or rather, your propaganda on your chest, is the best way to give props to this film. Let these political tees act as a creative jumping-off point, then use your own ideas to create conversation-starting wearables!

Nixon tees from Cafe Press
Using a photo imaging program on your computer and Tulip’s Photo Transfer Paper, it’s super easy to make customized tees with your own witty sayings and clever designs. As a tribute to this film might I suggest: “Frost/Nixon: Watergate, welcome to the winter of your discontent.” No? Ok, how about: “Nixon, you’ve been Frosted!” Don’t quit my day job? Ok, moving on then.

Gay activist Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) uses his voice to fight for the rights of his peers, create community and run for office in a town that still, 35 years later, is forever changed by his work.
Rainbows, now seen as a symbol of pride and acceptance continue to have a strong presence in the craft world. Take a look at these handmade bursts of happiness!
Sarabean’s Rainbow Redondo skirt, The Rainbow Room’s felted heart, Doozer4200’s version of the Umbilical Cord Hat, and Jennifer Tuckr’s hand-dyed fabric.

Give any of these projects a go, with Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kits. Either individually or combined, they work on any natural fiber including: fabric, yarn and roving!
Set in post-WWII Germany, Hana (Kate Winslet) becomes passionately involved with a boy (David Kross) half her age. They re-connect years later as she fights for her freedom in a war crime trial–it’s clear, that Hana has kept many secrets in her life.
Pay collage homage to this flick by hand crafting a journal to jot down your own stories (or discrepancies, as the case may be). These write-worthy works of art should get the creative juices flowing!

Amano Books’ beautiful Letters Home journal, another by French artist Margurite K, and Sweet Organics’ & Ivy Lane Designs’ eco-friendly versions.

My friend Traci Bautista’s Collage Pauge is perfect for creating paper-decorated journals. Oh and for the crafter who likes a little variety, she’s designed formulas in matte, glossy and glitter!

A slum-grown Mumbaiian teen wins the Indian version of the game show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” Under suspician of cheating, he’s imprisoned where his story unfolds.
Take your millions (even if it’s all in pennies) to the bank, a handmade one, that is! These paper mache, money catchers take the gauche out of displaying your money prominently in your home.

Amykins1111 Money Pig & Skull, and Pineweaver’s Dream Home & Spilled Milk banks. They both have a ton more, great banks so make sure to check out their Flickr pages (click links above) for an even bigger dose of bank goodness.

Mix 3 parts Aleene’s Kids Craft Glue, with 1 part water and paper mache away!
Create the craft that most suits your fave pick for Best Picture this year–and hey, with the awards ceremony running about 4 hours long, why not get crafty while you’re watching? Your finished object is sure to have you thanking the Academy!
Who’re you rooting for? Post your choice for the winner here for an informal crafter’s critic poll. πŸ™‚
Happy Hollywood-obsessed week!
P.S. Speaking of winners, I’d like to congratulate Carly for being selected as the recipient of a pack of Tulip paints! Please e-mail your info to: contestsATvickiehowell.com, and I’ll get it mailed out to you.

9 Responses to “I Love to Create: Ode to Oscars Project Round-Up”

  1. Pattie Donham

    Vicki, I don’t know which you are most clever at; blogging or knitting! What a fun post, and an intriguing way to tie crafts to movies…

  2. Wendy

    Such great stuff! Also just wanted to let you know that the link to Julia Laing’s leafy brooches goes to the antique frame.

  3. Lori Anderson Designs

    What an amazingly creative blog entry! I love it all!

    Buttons — I have tons (many pounds) of old vintage buttons that I’m hoarding like Gollum did his Precious. I need to let them out and do something with them!

  4. Christina

    Hey Vickie, speaking of movies, have you checked out Coraline yet? (my apologies if you’ve posted about this before and I just missed it). I just checked out the official Coraline website (it’s a very cool “tour” of the house she lives in) and saw a little video bit about Althea Crome, the lady who knits in crazy-tiny miniature scale for the film. If you haven’t featured her already, you should DEFINITELY include her in your Craft Corps. The little video about Althea is in Coraline’s bedroom when you click on the drawer of her white dresser. Enjoy! πŸ™‚ Christina