I Love to Create: Ode to Betty White Cards


Last week I was dragging–just feeling tired. You know, kids, juggling several jobs, life obligations; the same things we all go through. Before I could start feeling sorry for myself though, I thought about Betty White. I know, random, but stick with me. Here this legendary woman is, 88 years old and with a career stronger than ever. She’s working the talk show circuit (including playing beer pong on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few months back), she’s a regular on Comedy Central “Roasts”, she’s in a football-themed Snickers commercial and, much to my utter delight, will be hosting Saturday Night Live (for the first time ever ) on May 8th. If anyone should need a nap, it’s Betty!

There’s something about Betty’s continued relevance, cutting wit and awe-inspiring stamina that just makes me proud to be a woman. It’s hard not to smile at age 36 knowing that if I follow her lead, I still have 50+ years to keep doing what I love!
So, my crafty friends, these cards are my ode to this incredible lady. Make your own versions and give them to all of those women in your life who work hard and kick ass while doing it!

Betty White Pop Art Images (see below)
Scrapbooking Papers
Plain Card Stock
Decorative Scissors
Assorted Trims
Embroidery Needle & Floss
Sewing Machine & Thread (Optional)
How I Made These:
Download this image from Flickr.
Betty White Card Image #2
“Be a Betty!” Card
Download this image on Flickr.
Betty White Card Image #1
  • For this 2nd version, I began by laying out pieces of some of my favorite fabrics and color copying them to make my own, customized card stock. Using decorative scissors, I cut that card down as well as a piece of gold glitter paper (another nod to our Golden Girl) and layered them together. Next, I spread a layer of Acid Free Tacky Glue over the back of the “Bow to Betty” image and added it to the mix. Lastly, I glued on some trimming and added some machine-stitched lines.
“I Bow to Betty” Card
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Kathy Cano-Murillo sent a link to this awesome video:
St. Olaf Glee Club’s Betty White Lines!

12 Responses to “I Love to Create: Ode to Betty White Cards”

  1. myst

    Those are great! Thank you for doing such a wonderful homage to a great woman. Betty White’s always been an idol for me since she lost her husband Allen Ludden. She kept her head up and still remained strong in her work and her help with animals, not to mention she’s funny as all get out!

  2. Gretchen Otto

    Whew, your blog headline scared me. I thought something had happened to Betty. Glad to hear she’s still kickin’ butt. This is a sweet idea! I love the Golden Girls–still watch re-runs all the time.

  3. Lupie

    I old enough to remember the romance she and Allen Luden had on Pass Word. When he passed away I was so heart broken for her.
    She is an amazing women.
    Hope you feel better.

  4. Vickie Howell

    Gretchen–No silly, I would’ve put “In memory of” if something happened to her. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hey, I just had an idea. Clover, Penelope, Tallulah & Sylvia should be the Golden Girls for Halloween! I call Sophia for Clo since that’s where her middle name came from…well, and she’s the tiniest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Marj

    That is so cool! Now that would be a great image for a t shirt too!! Love Betty!! I also remember back in the day before Allen Luden passed away. My mom and I felt so sad for Betty.

  6. Candyland

    Her commercial is hysterical! I’ve seen the followup with Aretha and Liza, but Betty’s is the best. Way to represent a great lady!

  7. Barbara

    I’ll be linking to this post at my blog: www:intentionsandinspirations.blogspot.com

    and hoping to someday get more adapt at adding visuals to my blog. Alas, my co-writer is off on an adventure at the moment and so my print will be posted unembellished.
    In any event, thanks for the inspiration!