I love to Create: Lucky Horseshoe

Lucky Horseshoe
Maybe it’s because I live in Texas, but old horseshoes seem to be a dime a dozen at flea markets and vintage stores. Even if the Western look isn’t your gig with a layer of paint (and perhaps, a little extra razzle-dazzle), these little charms can still be the perfect, lucky talisman for your home or office!
Old Horseshoe
Spray Paint Primer
Sponge Brush
Metal Scrapbooking Letters
  • Cover horseshoe with a layer of primer. Let dry.
  • Paint horseshoe with a couple of coats of Tulip Soft Paint. Before letting dry, sprinkle glitter liberally over horseshoe. Let dry. Shake excess off.
  • Remove brad portion of metal scrapbooking letters. Use Liquid Fusion to glue “Luck” letters onto horseshoe.
  • Hang above a doorway in your home–make sure to keep it facing upwards so the luck doesn’t spill out!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Vickie Howell

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