I Love to Create: Love Lyric Photo Mat


Every year a friend of my buddy Noelle‘s, makes a Love Mix CD for Valentines Day. This year she wanted the cover art for the CD to be of a cutie-pie, baby couple. Never passing up the opportunity to dress up our kids in costumes, Noelle and I headed straight for the cupid wings and pantaloons!

Well, every good (and in this case, hilariously cute) picture needs a good framing situation and for this one it only seemed appropriate to surround our little angels with love-inspired lyrics.
Use this idea as a romantic gift for your sweetie; include your favorite couples shot of yourselves and lyrics from all of “your” songs. It’s the best kind of gift: lots of thought, for little cash.


Blank, Photo Mat
Lyrics Print Out
Sponge Brush
  • Scour the internet for the lyrics to your favorite love (or anti-love, if that’s how you roll) songs.
  • Using your favorite word processing program on your computer, type snippets of lyrics from different songs, in different fonts and sizes. Print out.
  • Cut lyrics out into strips. If you’re going for the “love letter” look, you might also want to rip at the edges or crinkle some of the strips.
  • Lay lyrics out on the photo mat; use glue stick to affix.
  • Paint a layer or two of Collage Pauge Sparkle, for a razzle-y dazzle-y finish. Let dry.
  • Place mat in a recycled frame, along with a sweetheart picture.
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