Halloween Countdown Calendar!

Who says countdowns are just for Christmas?  Your little goblins will think it’s a scream to keep track of Trick or Treat time, with this creepy calendar! Here’s how to make your own.


5/8 yd of Grey Felt
1/2 yd of Black Felt
Scraps of Yellow & Orange Felt
Fabric Fusion
White Transfer Paper
Printable Fabric
Bat Ball Fringe (Optional)
Sewing Machine/Thread (Optional)
  • Cut grey felt to 60″ x 19″ piece.  Set aside.
  • Download Haunted House pattern.  Tape together to pages to make full silhouette.  Lay pattern on the wrong-side of black felt, with transfer paper sandwiched in between. Transfer pattern onto fabric (following the manufacturer’s instructions).  Cut out haunted house and either glue (with Fabric Fusion) or sew onto one end of the grey fabric.
  • Out of yellow, white & grey felt scraps.  Free-form cut out windows, doors and optional ghost.  These don’t have to be perfect, so don’t worry that there’s not a pattern for these! Using project picture as a guide, glue pieces on to house. Cut out two candy corn pieces and glue them together.  Follow the provided pattern, to ensure that it fits in pockets.
  • Cut out 21, 2×2″ squares out of the leftover black felt.  Print out the calendar numbers onto printable fabric.  Cut out each individual number.  Glue numbers on felt squares.  Arrange squares evenly on haunted house. Using 1/8″ seam allowance sew (or glue) squares to house.
  • Cut out 1, 7″x 2″ and 1, 4″ x 2″ rectangles from orange felt.  Sew or glue to grey fabric, above house.  If you didn’t do so at the same time as the numbers, print out “Happy Halloween” text onto printable fabric.  Cut out and glue onto orange felt.

  • Fold grey felt piece in half length-wise, so the fabric background of your calendar is doubled.    Sew a straight line about 2″ down from the fold, to create a rod pocket.  Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew around the sides and bottom edge of piece.  Trim.
  • Glue on ball fringe at bottom & top of piece.
To hang, either add grommets to the top or, insert a dowel into the rod pocket and attach some decorative ribbon.  Insert candy corn in a different pocket, every day until Halloween!

Psst!  Don’t worry that tomorrow’s already October 1st.  In my book, if you can get one of these puppies made by the 13 days before Halloween (October 19th), then you’re keeping a DEADline that’s fit for the holiday!


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  1. Linda Witherow

    Tried to find the pattern but it was not anywhere to be how do I get the pattern