I Love to Create: Fun with the Fabric Paint Cannon!

Tulip’s new Fashion Graffiti line is out and let me tell you, it’s a blast to work with; literally! Yesterday I got the chance to play with the box of goodies that the I Love to Create crew were kind enough to send me. The tongue-and-cheek “urban-ness” of the Fabric Paint Taggers, Graffiti Stencils and Phat Markers had me giggling (in a good way), but it was the brilliance of the Paint Cannon that lured me into a late-night paint party!

The Paint Cannon is an innovative bottle that allows you to pour in fabric paint, pump air into the chamber and blast it out onto your garment giving a similar effect as traditional spray paint, but without the fumes or environmental hazards of an aerosol can. It can be used inside, it’s safe for kids (supervised, of course) and is re-fillable which means, less waste. Oh and using this tool, and a little paint goes a long way; the black portion of all 4 projects you see here came from only ONE, 3.3 oz bottle of Cannon Fabric Paint! Very cool.
Here’s a rundown of what I made in hopes that it’ll inspire you to do a little Fashion Graffiti-ing, yourselves!
“Peace” Onsie
Tools: Fabric Paint Cannon/Paint, Grafitti Stencil & Pink, Phat Marker.

“I’m a Craft Corps Baby” Onsie

Tools: Craft Corps Stencil, Fabric Paint Cannon/Paint, Glam-it-Up Iron-On Crystals, Graffiti Stencil Letters Turquoise, & Paint Tagger, . Psst! I dug how the Tagger applied more like a stain than a paint, making it really easy to blot on and remove immediately as I spelled out my saying.

“Scissors” Tee
Tools: Fabric Paint Cannon & Paint and Ed Roth’s Scissor stencil.

“Bleeding Heart” CowlKercheif (get pattern here)
Tools: Fabric Paint Cannon/Paint & Fashion Graffiti Stencil.
This one was my favorite piece of the night to work on! As you may know, I have a thing for yarn so I’m always THRILLED when I find a way to mix it with mediums not usually associated with knitwear.

If you’re going to the Craft Super Show in Anaheim, CA this weekend, don’t forget to stop by the I Love to Create booth to play with these products and more. I’ll see you out there!

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  1. kat

    love the idea for creating unique baby onesies. thx. Have some cool feed sacks going to try the paint on for pillow covers. cool!