I Love to Create: Fabric Covered Light Switch Plates

When I was 19, my friend Emma and I decoupaged a few dozen light switch plates with paper, vintage toy & lingerie catalogues, and comic book images. Our plan was to sell them although, I can’t recall where we would’ve done so back then (this was long before days of Etsy).  I was thinking about that project the other day as I looked at the dingy switch plates in my house–all sad looking from time and wear–and thought about how I could apply that same technique, to my current home’s aesthetic.  In my efforts to reuse and recreate, I’m also always looking for projects using my beloved fabric scraps–not wanting to waste even a square of some of my favorite prints.  This week on I Love to Create, I combine that nostalgic technique with those old switch plates and left-over textile pieces for a home-decor mini-makeover that’s both quick and cost effective!

Plastic Light Switch Plate(s)
Fabric Scrap(s)
Sponge Brush
Craft Knife
Marking Pen
  • On wrong-side of fabric, trace around light switch plate adding about 1/2″ allowance. Draw an “X” in the center of the switch hole.  Cut out fabric.
  • Brush a thin coat of Collage Pauge onto the switch plate front.
  • Center fabric square on top of switch plate; smooth over with finger.

  • Flip switch plate over; brush Collage Pauge onto exposed fabric edges.
  • Fold fabric edges over back of switch plate.  Smooth down with fingers; add additional layer of Collage Pauge.
  • Using craft knife, cut along “X” mark at center of switch hole.  Fold back and Collage Pauge pieces, opening up the switch hole.
  • Flip switch plate over again.  Brush on a top coat of Collage Pauge over entire switch plate.  Let dry.
  • Use tip of craft knife to poke through fabric at screw holes.

That’s all there is to it!  A simple craft that recycles old materials, brightens up your house, and is relatively cost free.  If that doesn’t light up your life, I don’t know what will!


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27 Responses to “I Love to Create: Fabric Covered Light Switch Plates”

  1. Michelle Miller

    I love it! I was going to replace the ugly switch plates in my old old house now I don’t think I will!

  2. diva mcknitster

    this is a great idea. we have some plates to replace in our newly painted bathroom, and it sure beats just painting over the old plate! thanks!

  3. Candyland

    Beautiful! What a great idea for fast home decor.

  4. BellaKarma

    Awesome! I was looking for unique ways to decorate our old switch plates! Perfect timing to read your post! Thanks! =)

  5. DianeS

    Love this idea…I’m planning on painting my sewing/craft/loom/office room this summer and will check stash for something cool for those plastic covers. Can’t hardly stand the darn things, but hate the price of the pretty covers even more!

  6. Em

    Thanks so much for this tutorial – I’ll have to try this out! Such a perfect way to recycle, use up scraps, and brighten up a room, all in one go.

  7. Hairforce

    I was looking for a “how to” on this. I have a cool shower curtain that I wanted to keep for the material to do things like this!!

    Thank you!!

  8. Anonymous

    These light switch plates are awesome, I love them! Thank you so much for the tutorial…and now I’m off to find some fabric to cover the switch plate I bought today to make as a gift for my best friend for her birthday! Sweet!

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