I Love to Create: Decoupage Idea Book

Idea books are a great way to both inspire and recycle.  Today on I Love to Create, I turn an old (mostly blank) knitting journal into an invention-themed notebook for collecting my son’s most scientific thoughts in.  Whether you’re an artist, poet, baker, or just a deep thinker–a customized home for your written brilliance is a must-have!   Make your own for just a few bucks and about an hour of time.  The finished product: a blank canvas for oodles of ideas!

Blank Journal (If you’re recycling a partially used journal, just cut out the unwanted pages)
Inspirational Magazine Images (Mine are from MAKE Magazine)
Sponge Brush
Step 1:
Find inspirational images that fit the desired theme of your journal.  This is a great time to scour through those old magazines.  The pictures are free (for this purposes, at least) and you’re recycling.  That’s a win-win, people! 

Step 2:
Once you’ve cut out your images, apply a layer of Collage Pauge to the backs and cover front, back and spine of journal.    Use your finger to smooth out any rippling in the paper.  Magazine paper can be persnickety though, so don’t stress if all of your cut-outs aren’t perfectly flat.  It adds character. 😉

Step 3:
Once all of the images are in place, brush on a layer of Collage Pauge over top of entire journal cover.  Let dry.  Repeat one more time.

5 Responses to “I Love to Create: Decoupage Idea Book”

  1. LMT

    I visit your site often but realized that I never comment. I am constantly inspired. Thanks!

  2. Rowan

    if you get your magazine cutouts wet before you put them on your project, you can smooth them with your fingers and there will be no bumps, buckles or anything, it’s like a miracle! figured that out by trial and error.
    ha! Helping Vickie! least I can do, you made me knit—

  3. Lori

    Wonderful Idea! My grandson loves to write and draw—hmmmm, I just might have to do this!