I Love to Create: 25 Signs You Love to Create (Holiday Edition)

25 Signs That You Love to Create for the Holidays
1. Red & Green, Blue & Silver or Turquoise & Hot Pink (if you’re feeling retro), are suddenly your favorite colors.
2. You think “Black Friday” sales at the mall are for losers; you started shopping for gift-making supplies in July.
3. Your secret love of packaged jingle bells can now be unleashed without embarrassment.
4. You sacrifice your mani/pedi AND hair budgets to get a Yudu, so you can screen print catchy (yet ironic) holiday tees for all of your friends. Here are a couple of suggestions:”Yule be hearing from my people!” or “It ’tis what it ’tis”.
5. You notice how the flat sides of a dreidel are the perfect canvas for some Glam-it-Up Crystals!
6. Anything in your house that can be folded, printed or painted on suddenly becomes wrapping paper.
7. You lay awake nights thinking about Christmas card themes and whether or not to actually make the individual cards yourself OR just stage a holiday photo for all of them, which would then include handmade costumes for all subjects involved. It’s a really tough decision.
8. You buy knitting needles in sizes that you already own, because they’re offered in candy cane colors. You feel that you neeeeeeed them, before you can cast-on for that Fair Isle stocking you want to knit. It just makes sense.
9. Although you’re not normally a tea towel kinda gal, you must admit that they’re pretty adorable with punch-embroidered holly on them. You then purchase a punch embroidery set and RSVP yes to all of the parties that will require host gifts. Your towels are going to be awesome.
Lifetime Project: Tea Towell
10. You coordinate all of your holiday home decor around ornaments you’ve made, using Crafty Chica’s Rockabilly Ruby glitter.
11. Your excited about the over abundance of advertisements in your mail this time of year, because it means more newspaper for you to turn into yarn to make Extra-Eco Frames for everyone on your gift list.
12. If you can Dremel a hole in it, no item is safe in your house from becoming a tree ornament.
13. You change the organization of your Tulip Fashion Paints so that the holiday colors are in front, thereby including your craft supplies in your decor aesthetic. Oh, you love them so!
14. Instead of reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” to your children, you gather them ’round to flip through the Holiday Issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.
15. It makes absolute sense to you that the aisles in Michaels stores are filled with wreaths, pine cones and flocking spray as of June 1st–as long as there’s also a 50% off coupon to buy them with.
16. Instead of taking vacation days off to visit your out-of-town family for the holidays, you reserve them for December trips to the Bust Craftacular in New York, the Blue Genie Art Bazaar in Austin, and the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.
17. Instead of tree decorating parties, you throw Make-Your-Own-Merriment soirées. People unwilling to use Fabric Markers or Collage Pauge, are not invited.
18. You feel that the best pairing with spiked, Spiced Cider is crochet.
19. This is your favorite television season, because there tends to be a lot of knitwear in winter episodes.
20. “The Festival of Lights” seems like an open invitation to incorporate LEDs into that cape pattern you saw on Burda Style. You’re pretty sure there’ll be instructions on how to do that over on the MAKE website.
21. You’re campaigning to change the saying, “Give the gift of giving.” to, “Make the gift of making.” Wait, what?
22. Instead of trolling the pages of Amazon for ideas of gifts to buy, you spend hours looking on Etsy for ideas of gifts to make. You feel better knowing that if you run out of time, you can always purchase something from their that’s been handmade by someone else.
23. It’s sequin season, right?
24. Starting at around October, your kids’ teachers start dropping color hints just in case you should decide to make them a scarf instead of getting them another Starbuck’s gift card. They usually bat their eyelashes at the same time.
25. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says, “Honk for Handmade Holidays!” or “Deck the Halls with D.I.Y.”
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5 Responses to “I Love to Create: 25 Signs You Love to Create (Holiday Edition)”

  1. Cassandra

    I got one Vicki.

    When in Micheals or Joanns you keep eyeing the knittng/crochet yarns that are on sale in colors you love that you suddenly already plan on knitting/crocheting them into holiday gifts for your family or friends. LOL.

  2. Avalon76

    I just discovered your blog today and I. LOVE. IT. *laughs* Will definitely be going through the archives!

    Happy Holidays!

    Jennifer ^_^