Hugs & Stitches

The New Issue of KIWI Magazine’s Out!

Parents, pickup your copy at any local newsstand, Target or Barnes & Noble! Don’t forget to take a peek at my Eco-Crafts column. This issue’s project: knitted Hugs & Stitches newborn booties made out of Vickie Howell Collection CRAFT in colors: Libby (coral) & Jennifer (mint green). These are knit on straight needles, so they’re a great beginner project. Oh, and the organic cotton & milk fiber yarn makes the booties breathable for baby-toes during summer weather!

In other unrelated news, I was invited to participate in a great conference call yesterday some of which, will be transcribed and included in the 25th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine. Besides myself, call attendees included Debbie Stoller(Stitch n’ Bitch books), Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot), Clara Parkes (Knitter’s Review), Adina Klein(Vogue Knitting) and Shannon Okey (Knitgrrl). We discussed topics ranging from the evolution of the industry over the past few years, our own personal experiences in the business, current trends, the mind-set of today’s knitter, etc. It was really interesting and I felt honored to be a part of a conversation with so many smart, creative, strong women. Pretty cool, man.

In less cool news, I officially suck at fashion illustration. I pity the fool that has to be subjected to my drawings. I’m taking my 2nd lesson today in hopes of sparing future magazine editors/publishers/yarn companies from having to try and guess what I’m trying to get across based solely on a stick figure and a swatch. My homework illustrations are, well, humbling. Shading, totally escapes me. My instructor wants to play with color today–I think I need to remain on remedial pencil sketch duty for a while longer. Regardless, wish me luck!


4 Responses to “Hugs & Stitches”

  1. DebbieKnitter

    Awww don’t be so hard on yourself…I am sure with an appletini and a nice jello-shot or 2, your sketches are very clear *grin* ‘sides, your a knitting artist, your creativity must go to the knit and purl stitch!! Good Luck

  2. robyn

    those booties are super duper cute. i must run out and get a copy of the mag (even though i don’t have babes myself) so i can make a pair or eight for my friend and her new baby girl!

  3. Vickie Howell

    Debbie–Darlin’, everything looks clearer after a martini or two. 😉 I think I’m more parts artsy than artist, anyway…

  4. Michelle

    Hey Vickie,
    I must not be very good at this blogging stuff…I thought I posted a question to you here the other day…I still don’t see it! Perhaps I will try again…(guess that’s what I’m doing)…anyhow…
    I co-worker and his wife recently had a little boy…(daddy is SO proud)…the dad is an avid outdoorsman…I would LOVE to knit something with a camouflage look…can you help me with that at all???? Thanks loads…