How to: Next-Level Cables in June Cashmere

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Next Level Cables + June Cashmere

This week I had the pleasure of working with Ask Me Monday video sponsor, June Cashmere. I was originally introduced to them by my dear friend (and industry leader), Karin Strom. It wasn’t until researching for our partnered Live Stream however, that I really got to see what an amazing company June Cashmere is. 

June (the Kyrgyz word for “animal fibers”) Cashmere is a company fully invested in nurturing the lifelines of the shepherds of Kyrgyzstan — investing in village-to-village quality control and fair trade training — and the integrity of the gorgeous fibers produced by the indigenous Kyrgyz people and animals. The cashmere fiber is purchased directly from homes and villages in the region, then sent to Europe for spinning. It makes it’s next stop in Maine, where it is lovingly died using eco-friendly and sustainable methods. In other words, June Cashmere provides jobs in 3 continents, and gorgeous yarn worldwide.

How to: Next Level Cables

When working with cashmere, one wants to make a project that is classic enough to become an heirloom and practical enough to use (and touch) often. The Journery Mitts set by Kristin Eksuzian fits the bill, and a technique used in making them was the focus of this week’s Facebook Live, Ask Me Monday episode.

What I call “next-level” cables are cables worked on double pointed needles and in which there are TWO separate cables worked to create one, more intricate design. It sounds complicate and fancy but really, it’s only the latter. (Shhh…or it at least looks fancy.)

Watch and Learn: Next Level Cables

Click below to watch the recording of my live stream demo on how to knit next-level cables.  I take you through every step, breaking the technique down to make it accessible to any knitting with a little experience under their belt.



Put the Skill to Work!

Now that you’re a next-level cable bad-ass, how’s about treating yourself to a little cashmere reward and take that skill for a spin? June Cashmere is offering Ask Me Monday viewers a special deal. With the purchase of 1 hank of June Cashmere DK (all you’ll need for the project), the Journey Mitts pattern is yours for free! Just enter code: JOURNEY at checkout.

next level cables journey

Journey Mitts, by Kristin Eksuzian. Shown in June Cashmere DK in color, Scarlet.


Be sure to tag @vickiehowell with photos of your Journey Mitts or June Cashmere projects — I love seeing your work!



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2 Responses to “How to: Next-Level Cables in June Cashmere”

  1. Linda

    Gorgeous mitts! I’m making a stranded color work hat using cashmere yarn. First time knitting with cashmere, but not I hope the last! Thank you for the great tutorial and for introducing me to the double cable pattern! Beautiful colors…and thanks for the chance to win a Hank.

  2. Lynne Kestler

    I just watched your video on how to use a loom. I want to thank you Vickie. You made it look so easy. I’d like to try it. I need to get a loom first though. Haha. Anyway, thanks. I enjoy having you come into my living room and sharing all your craft ideas. You give me great ideas and inspire me. I’m not trying to kiss your butt, I’m just saying.