How to Make Fabric Yarn

How to make fabric yarn. | Different techniques for turing woven and knit #fabric into #yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving and more! | Vickie Howell | Ask Me Monday

Fabric Yarn: 3 Ways to Make it!

On this week’s installment of my Facebook Live series Ask Me Monday I showed three ways to make fabric yarn. This episode covers different types of fabrics to try, methods for cutting, techniques for joining, what tools work well to knit & crochet fabric yarn, and what projects we might make with it. Watch, enjoy, and tag @vickiehowell with your fabric yarn adventures!


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Made Fabric Yarn? Here are a few tools to use to make something with it!
Knitter’s Pride Ginger Needles (Sizes 13 and up), Jumbo Birch (Size 36/20mm), Waves Crochet Hooks (Sizes M/9 mm and up), Nostepinne (for winding), and Wool Needles (for weaving in ends.)

 Fabric Yarn Tutorial

Fabric Yarn: My Favorite Way to Join Strips

Although I also showed how to knot and sew fabric strips together to make yarn, my favorite is the loop method. Here’s a recap of to do it!

Fabric Yarn: How to Join Strips | Vickie Howell | Ask Me Monday #yarn #knitting

  1. Fold top of strip over about 1″/2.5 cm; cut slip (taking care to not snip all the way to the edge.) Repeat for 2nd strip.
  2. Overlap strips, pushing the top piece through the slit of the bottom piece. Pull top piece through enough that you can see it’s slit.
  3. Loop the long portion of the top piece around and through its own slit.
  4. Pull to secure. Smooth with fingers.

Repeat process, adding a new “top” piece until you have desired amount of fabric yarn.

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  1. Erica

    I’m glad you made a video about how to make fabric yarn! I finally understand how you join the strips. Thank you!