Holiday Gift Coupons from Open Sky!

Got more holiday shopping to do? No? Wow, you’re some kind of gift-buying super hero! Well, for the rest of you mere, shopping mortals; have I got a present for you! Open Sky (the retailer I’ve partnered up with for my online shop) has just given me the go-ahead to giveaway 50, $15 off coupons ($20 min. purchase).
All you have to do is sign-up for savings by going here and entering “VICKIE” in the Favorite Shopkeeper field. Although I only have 50 of those to share, EVERYONE who signs up will get some kind of coupon (ranging from 10%-50%)! You can use that coupon in my shop, or any other Open Sky shop of your choice.
This offer is only good until Wednesday though, so don’t wait to nab your coupon–Happy Holidays!

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