Help Bark Have More Bite!

My friend, artist Bernie Berlin (above with me & Jen P.) and the legions of furry friends she continues to help, need your support.   You may remember her organization A Place to Bark from last year’s pattern for dog ears to benefit the the horribly mistreated pup, Noel (who now has a happy home, thanks to Bernie!)  Well, this year she’s trying to win a matching grant for 50k to build a shelter for abandoned and abused dogs and cats. Through a massive grass-roots campaign she’s in the front-running to make it happen,  but she’s not there yet!  Please take a moment to read about her effort–including the 500 pets she’s saved, and what you can do to nurture this amazing woman’s passion for rescuing animals by meeting this financial goal.

If you’re able to, give a couple of bucks–then go hug your own pet, who thankfully will never need a new place to bark (or meow).
I can’t seem to get the badge graphics to embed in this post, but here’s the direct link to where you can donate.  Oh, and in addition to traditional forms of payment, they also take Paypal!
Much love,

3 Responses to “Help Bark Have More Bite!”

  1. claudine hellmuth


    thank you so much for posting about this! If anyone deserves this it’s Bernie for all she has done to help save animals’ lives!

  2. Kim

    Posted about this on my blog today. Have been following her blog for quite some time myself. Oh, I could only get the badge to work in the side of my blog. Maybe you could do that?