Got Gossip?

As if my chair arse wasn’t big enough already, I’ll now be spending even more time sitting at my computer. ย I just signed-on as the knitting editor for CraftGossip.com. ย You know, ’cause I loves me the knitting and just can’t get enough of talking about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though, I’m excited to be a part of such a great network of crafty scoop! ย Speaking of, if you’ve got any, spill it! ย You know my gig: knitting is all about community, so I want to promote your stuff by mentioning it when it’s appropriate. ย Designers, authors, publishers, artists, mag editors, etc–e-mail me with any exciting knit-news. ย Got a new book out? ย I might review it! ย Is your yarn-tastic sculpture exhibiting at a local museum? ย Do tell! ย Just discover how to spin yarn out of potting soil? ย Fantastic! ย Just give me the skinny at: gossip@vickiehowell.com, and I’ll post it if time/space/relevanceย all align.
I’ll be posting about 5 times a week over there, so stop on by!

One Response to “Got Gossip?”

  1. Roe

    Awesome! On my way over now…

    Just noticed the KnittyGritty Knitsters box!! Yay!!