Go-To Gifts: Chunky Hat

Go-To Gifts: Chunky Hat | Eyelet Mock Cable Stitch


Go-To Gifts Chunky Hat

Wait, wha? It’s already November? Welp, I guess we’d better start talking about go-to gift projects, then! All month, on Ask Me Monday, I share the knit and crochet skills to make easy, fun gifts from my book, The Knit Vibe. First up: the Eyelet Mock Cable stitch pattern used to make this chunky beanie.

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Go-To Gifts Chunky Hat: Watch the AMM Tutorial

Eyelet Mock Cable Swatch (flat)

CO 18 sts.

Row 1 (RS): P2, *sl 1, k2, psso (pass slipped stitch over the knit sts), p2; rep from * to end.

Row 2:  K2, *p1, yo, p1, k2; rep from * to end.

Row 3: P2, *k3, p2; rep from * to ends.

Row 4: K2, *p3, k2; rep from * to end.

Repeat Rows 1-4 until piece is square. 


Eyelet Mock Cable Swatch (in-the-round)

CO multiple of 5 sts.

Rnd 1: Sl 1, k2, psso, p2; rep from * around.

Rnd 2: *k1, yo, k1 , p2; rep from * around. 

Rnds 3-4: *K3, p2; rep from * around.

Repeat Rnds 1- 4 for four inches, BO.


Go-To Gifts Chunky Hat, The nit Vibe by Vickie Howell

Go-To Gifts: Chunky Hat

Put your skills to work by making the Got-To Chunky Hat from my book, The Knit Vibe, available on Amazon or wherever you get your book!

The Knit Vibe by Vickie Howell Cover


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