Giveaway Monday!

In celebration of the upcoming launch of my new podcast, CRL: with Vickie Howell, I think a goodie giveaway is in order! Everyone who posts the CRL banner on their blog or website will get a free ball of Vickie Howell Collection yarn (while supplies last). Just grab the above image from this page and link to (http://www.vickiehowell.com/podcast.html), or cut and paste the code found here.

But wait, there’s more! Just for reading this blog, you’re eligible to win one of these crafty prizes:

Hard Cover Copy of Knitting Lessons, by Lela Nargi

Written in 2003 and recently re-released on audiobook, this was the first knit-related publication I was ever interviewed for (pre-Knitty Gritty)–it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Soft Cover Copy of Doodle Stitching, by Aimee Ray

Filled with a ton of whimsical, doodle-inspired embroidery projects and instruction. This book is adorable and would make a great gift for new and experienced stitchers alike!

Hard Cover Copy of Designer Needle Felting by Terry Taylor & Candi Cooper

Join the latest fiber craze: needle felting! This collection of projects and instruction is a great sampling of the many things you can do with a little bit of wool and some imagination.

Soft Cover Copy of Just Gifts, edited by Shannon Okey

There can never be too many books about cute, quick-to-make gifts especially, this time of year. This one does not disappoint in offering presents that are as fun to knit & crochet and they are to receive!

MuseAbles Artsy Fiber Kit

I demonstrated how to use this kit at the CHA convention last year and loved both the colors and technique. This kit includes everything you need for a gorgeous, simple-to-sew “Sculpted Scarf” or table runner.

For all giveaways, e-mail rebecca@vickiehowell.com with your mailing address. For CRL Promo/Yarn trades, also send us the link to your website or blog that you’ve posted our banner on. I’ll give you a shout out on this blog as an additional thank you for support.

All book and kit prizes will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. When e-mailing Rebecca with your info, also include both your 1st and 2nd choices. You’ll hear from us within 48 hours, if you’ve won something.

Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm towards my podcast. It would rule, if you’d spread the word because this is totally a grass-roots operation. I’m really looking forward though, to the immediacy and creative freedom of this outlet. If all goes well, then maybe I’ll be able to produce future seasons which will give me the opportunity to continue to support other artists, activists and do-it-yourselfers via interviews, reviews, etc. That would rock.

Good luck with the giveaways!


38 Responses to “Giveaway Monday!”

  1. Gudrun Johnston

    Looking forward to the podcasts! I’ve put up a link on my blog and now I’ll email so I can be in the running for one of those fun looking gifts! Thanks!

  2. diva mcknitster

    vickie, i just posted my blog and emailed you. sorry the artwork isn’t showing on my blog. i’ve had trouble with that from the beginning (my blog doesn’t like old navy and knit picks either.) can’t wait to hear the podcasts, you’ve got some great guests lined up!

  3. Sarah

    I posted the image and link on my blog. Part of the image got cut off, I think it’s the format. Most if it is there. I tested the link, and it does work. I’ve never listened to a knitting podcast, this will be my first. Good luck!

  4. loopykd

    I had huge problems with the image but I posted on my sidebar as best I could. Love your blog, show, stuff…..etc….

  5. Sonia

    I am so excited!! YAY!!I don’t have a website or blog but I’m e-mailing everyone I know.Love the banner. I don’t have an MP3 player or Ipod( jeez I sound like I live in the dark ages haha) so I listen to my knitting podcasts on my PC will knitting. I can’t wait to tune into yours!

  6. BellaKarma

    Hi Vickie,

    Been low on funds lately, so I stood and read your Knit1 piece at B&N the other night. Terrific interview! Tori and Dean came across so comfortable, a total indication that they were comfortable with you! The idea of a knitting retreat in Fallbrook ROCKS!

    Do you or any of your TooCool blog readers know of any afghan patterns with intarsia/fair isle flames? I want to knit an afghan for the hot (or in this case, cool)Newport Beach firemen that came to my rescue not once, but twice a few months back.


  7. Phoenix

    Hi Vicki I am really happy for you this sounds like a blast. Really looking forward to it:) I put your link up on my blog and passed on the info to my friends at Crochet Mania:) We love to knit too:)
    Oh sent the email too:) Hugs:)

  8. Lisa

    That’s awesome!! I just put the link on my blog. Good luck with it and congratulations.

  9. Monet

    I posted a the picture and link on my blog. I sent a link to the e-mail address you have on your blog, but it keeps getting rejected. I promise that I am only trying to link to my blog. Actually, the entire e-mail is:

    I like the book “Just Gifts” and the MuseAbles. Love all the Yarn but really like the Rock “Prince”…I’m a purple and/or pink girl…unless the Autumn colors of Oranges, Browns & Yellows are involved.

    Oh well, love the show, the books, etc…

  10. Nichole

    Can’t wait for the podcast – I added the button on my blog sidebar and am also mentioning it in today’s post!

  11. Rebecca

    Hey! This is Rebecca! Sorry for the email glitches. I believe my inbox was full but I have emptied it so please keep the links coming for the blog/yarn exchange!!

    Monet – Hey Congratulations! You have won one of our book giveaways so I do need your mailing info! Thanks.

  12. Kristen

    I published your banner to my blog! Yay! I just started my blog not long ago (and knitting), but I’m hoping it will be something I can devote more time to in the future as I learn more about knitting. Once I buy my new MP3 player, I hope to be able to listen to the podcast! 🙂

  13. Ellen

    Hey Vick,
    so glad you’re entering the podcast arena.
    I’ve posted your link and look forward to listening.
    You’re the queen of the knitting media!

  14. Michele

    How fun! I love watching Knitty Gritty…I cannot wait to listen to the podcast. I’ve posted the banner on my blog.

  15. Jadielady

    I’ve posted about the podcast. I can’t wait to hear it! I review podcasts so I’ll be sure to post about it after I listen. I can’t wait!

  16. Sorka

    Oooh goodies!!!! I want them all!!
    I can’t wait to hear your podcast. I have to hook myself up to get some podcast subscriptions coming to my little ipod shuffle!
    This will be fun!!
    I am headed out to the Blog World Expo in Vegas (mostly because hyubby’s company is sponsering it) to take classes on pocasting and vLogging!
    But also to represent Knitting Bloggers!!Woo hoo!

  17. Kyle Kunnecke

    the button is on my blog and I can’t wait to add the podcast to my itunes… love your creativity and look forward to learnin’ more with you!



  18. LoveCrafting

    Woohoo! You really do ROCK Vickie!! I very happily put your little CRL banner at the TOP of my blog sidebar (even without the prospect of a freebie). {Yes, I’m a geek.} And I’ll be spreading the word!

    *** I’ve searched Ravelry for you but don’t see you as a member. Have you joined yet? It is a BLAST!!!! ***

  19. shannon

    Just added the image to my blog. Can’t wait for November 1st.

    my email address is shannwa AT charter DOT net