Gifts to Make in: 1 hour/1 day/1 Weekend!

Just because the holidays are crazy-busy doesn’t mean there isn’t time to get crafty. Knit and crocheted gifts are the softest way to celebrate the season, and I’m a big believer that projects should be attainable no matter what your schedule looks like! That’s why I’ve designed four, great gift items that can be made in a weekend, a day or even just an hour — and all in Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn. Whether you’re stitching for officemates, teachers or your best friends, you’ll be able to fit these patterns into almost any time table. 

Crochet this cup cozy in an hour!

Knit these mitts in a day!
Knit this cowl in a weekend!
Crochet this shrug in a weekend!

Psst…Sheep(ish) is on sale at right now for $2.79 a ball!

Happy holidays!,

One Response to “Gifts to Make in: 1 hour/1 day/1 Weekend!”

  1. Stephanie Ann

    Hi Vickie!
    I’m not sure if it’s the way I crochet or tension my yarn, but is your brand supposed to have a fuzzy kind of halo to it?