From me to you: Ultimate Sweat Machine Tips!

Stop! Wait! Don’t drop that Ultimate Sweater Machine off at the thrift store. I know learning a new tool can be frustrating, but I’m here for you. I promise.

I’m a professional hand-knitter, but still relatively new to using a knitting machine. Using the Ultimate Sweater machine however, became crucial last fall as more and more companies began commissioning large, yarn-bombed pieces from me. Out of sheer necessity, I buckled down and got on board the USM train. Through trial-and-error, I picked up a few tricks that ultimately made my experience more successful. Now I’m sharing those tips, along with answering consumer questions, in 4 videos on the Bond America website. Give ’em a look, and put what you’ve learned to work on your own USM.

Oh, and don’t forget, there are also traditional how-to videos and 24-hour help available, too! Learn more here.


3 Responses to “From me to you: Ultimate Sweat Machine Tips!”

  1. ~Ruth

    Okay, maybe I’ll reconsider. When I was looking at knitting machines, this got terrible reviews but the good reviewed ones were expensive. I’ll check out your tips. The price is pretty good so maybe I’ll take a look at it again. Thanks for doing all of this, Vickie! I don’t know where you find the time.

  2. Katelyn

    Thanks so much for the great videos! I do more crochet but have always admired knitted things. I got the sweater machine thinking that I could figure out how to transfer knitted patters to the machine but it is a lot harder than I thought, and there aren’t that many patterns for the machine. If you could do any videos or blog posts on how to do that translation that would be helpful! The other thing that I struggle with on the machine is what to do when my item touches the ground. I know you are supposed to wrap it up but when I try that it always falls out. Any suggestion for that? –Thanks