Fringed Halloween Hangers

Halloween Decorations by Vickie Howell

Fringed Halloween Hangers

Spooked by an overabundance of scrap yarn? This week on Ask Me Monday, I show how to use it to embellish cute Halloween Hangers that are now available in my YarnYAY! shop. Add fringe, knit or crochet edgings, or sew-on swatches to fiber-up these dastardly little decorations.


YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell Halloween Hangers


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Fringed Halloween Hangers

Halloween Hanger with Knitted Fringe

Knitted Fringe

Using sport-weight yarn and size 5/3.75 mm needles, CO 20 sts (or desired multiple of 4).

Row 1: *K2, YO, k2tog; rep from * to end.

Repeat Row 1 until piece measures 2 3/4″, or desired length/

Note: The length will actually be the width of the piece as the firing will be dropped from a side edge, and not the bottom.)

BO 11 sts. Fasten of yarn.

Drop remaining stitches, unraveling them to create finger loops. Trim and press with a flat iron at a very low heat, if desired.


Halloween Skulls with Yarn Fringe

Half-Hitch Knot

Just plain ol’ fringe. 

Cut two strands of yarn twice the length if the desired fringe. Hild the two strands together and fold them in half. Using a crochet hook (a Size US D/3.25 mm fits easily through the hanger holes) pull the loop created by folded strands through one of the holes. Set hook aside. pish tails through the loop and tighten. Repeat for remaining holes.


Halloween Hangers with Appkied i-Cord Edging

Applied i-Cord Loops

Find the tutorial HERE.


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