Ask Me Monday #46: Big Knits, Macrame Fringe & Applied I-Cord Loops

macrame fringe

This week’s Ask Me Monday was sponsored by the folks at Berroco Yarns. Their new yarn, Macro is perfect for big knits, chunky crochet projects, arm knitting, macrame fringe, and more! Check out their website to see the Macro color palette as well as all of their other, beautiful yarns!

Go Big: Macrame Fringe and Applied i-Cord Loop Edging

You’ve likely seen them in magazines, in stores, and on the runway — for the 3rd year running big knits are, well, BIG this season. With demand, brings all kinds of supply from yarn companies. There’s no longer a need to triple strand yarn to go thick with your knits. Now there are loads of category 7 (giant) yarns on the market, just waiting to be transformed almost instantaneously into a lush accessory!

With great yarn however comes, very little responsibility (see what I did there?) What I mean is, that more often than not, simple stitches work best with big fibers. Seed stitch, ribbing, and even plain ol’ garter stitch really pop on a grander scale, often making complicated stitch work seem unnecessary. Still, though…some of us are fancy, or at least like our projects to be. Enter this week’s tutorials.

Basic fringe gets a bold new look when it’s given a macrame make-over. I show how alternating square knots can bring the boho look to any scarf.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for i-cord! Ok, that didn’t really work. My point is that i-cord knit on size U.S. 19 needles — and attached in a loop-d-loop formation — is super fun. It’s very octopus chic, if you will. Will you, though?

Well, at least give the technique a try — I even show how to attache it as you knit so there’s not sewing later. Click below to watch both tutorials.

Watch & learn how to make bold embellishments!

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