FREE $25 Gift to Shop

This just in: thanks to Open Sky (the fuel behind so many cool, expert run e-shops), I have TWENTY, $25 Gift Coupons to give away right now! They can be used in any Open Sky shop with NO MINIMUM purchase! It’s my holiday gift to you, my crafty peeps; because I dig you.

Here’s what to do:

The first 20 people who do that will get a $25 Gift code which can be used EVEN IF THE ITEM YOU WANT COSTS LESS THAN $25 to begin with!

Of course I’d love it if you’d spend your coupon cash on crafty finds in my shop (*batting eyelashes*). You could snag a copy of AwareKnits, Pop Goes Crochet, Knit Aid, the Knit Kit, or a Ball Winder without spending a dime of your own money (all priced under $25). This is also a great opportunity to finally get those Knitter’s Blocks you’ve been eying, for a fraction of the price!

Maybe you’re not in the crafty product mood. If so, I don’t even know you anymore! πŸ˜‰ Here are some other cool items in some of my Shopkeeper friends’ sites that you might want to grab while you can: Smash Box Lip Enhancing Gloss (A Mom in Red Heels), Butch & Harold Sticker Frame Kit (Happy Hour Mom) or, an Organic Replant Kit (Dave Epstein).

Oh, and did I mention, free shipping? Get on this while you can. I anticipate these going fast!

Happy shopping!

xx, Vickie

9 Responses to “FREE $25 Gift to Shop”

  1. Perry

    Re-tweeted you!

    Latest: RT @VickieHowell: I’m giving away FREE $25 Gift cards to my @opensky shop right now. Grab ’em while they’re hot, …less than 5 seconds ago

  2. Amanda Olson

    i just got the email about this an hour ago- so i hope im not too late! probably am seeing ive Never won a thing in my life LOL!

  3. Marianna

    I got the ball winder!!! I am soooooo stinkin excited! I have been wanting one for so long! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  4. Amanda Olson

    When was this over? Im so confused and disapointed! I posted the minute i got the email about this giveaway..

  5. Vickie Howell

    Amanda-It ended 5-10 minutes after it started–the gift coupons went incredibly fast! Sorry you missed out but I promise, this wont be the last time I give stuff away! πŸ™‚