Finish this sentence…

My favorite thing(s) to knit during the summer are__________________.

37 Responses to “Finish this sentence…”

  1. Crafty Mama

    Little baby things that don’t have to sit in my lap and make me even hotter. If I have to do a blanket, I make it in panels and seam as I go.

  2. candicmt


    I am just learning and LOVING IT!

    Thank you for all that you do for the crochet and knit community! You are a wonderful, and Beautiful person!

  3. Becky

    lace and cables – things that require concentration that I don’t have time for during the school year. And socks, everytime is a good time to knit socks.

  4. Camping Jason

    My favorite thing to knit during the summer are socks. They’re small and the fingering weight yarn doesn’t weigh heavily on your fingers during those high humidity days. Plus, then you’re all prepared for winter!

  5. Renee

    Socks. They are light wieght and very portable for a busy summer lifestyle.

  6. loopykd

    Sweaters for fall and socks! But I live in California and it doesn’t get too hot here.

  7. Renna

    Baby hats (mostly for charity), dishcloths, fingerless mittens, and socks; in other words, anything small!. During a Texas summer, who wants heavy wool on their lap? πŸ™‚

  8. Nicole

    Sweaters (which coincidentally are my favorite thing to knit in the spring, fall, and winter, too)

  9. Marlyn

    Small, light items in cool fibers like scarves or stoles in cotton, bamboo or silk.

  10. Asappa

    Stash busting projects, as I am always trying to get ride of old yarn to prepare for new fall yarn/patterns! The cupcake pattern I found on Ravelry and the Knitted Kitty Swap have been great for that!

  11. Monet

    100%, all the way, SOCKS! But I do have a shawl I plan on starting too, but it’s lace so it’s light and fluffy too.

  12. Tina

    Ditto, Xmas presents, mostly hats, scarves and felted coasters with a needle felt design.

  13. bethjinkerson

    In the summer, I knit purses for gifts, and also little bears and bear-sweaters. All are small and make good presents.

  14. MamaKaren

    Purses and scarves, because they are small and quick; sleeveless/short sleeved sweaters (easy ones) because of the immediate gratification of wearing them as soon as they are finished.

  15. diva mcknitster

    socks, but that’s always an ongoing project with me. i try to start xmas knitting with small gifties like hats and scarves. felted purses. nothing too heavy.

    shame on me, but i read more in the summer than i knit!

  16. Cait Voegeli

    Eh, fun scarves and ascots! Right now I’m working on a bolero, but this is my first one. I like it too since it’s all open and lacy-like. πŸ™‚

  17. Shennie

    Premie caps for Stitches from the Heart. They use up a lot of yarn, are small and won’t sit on my lap making me warm, and I can make one in 2 hours.

  18. Dave Lowe

    …the WARM MEMORIES of fireflies, the ol’ swimming hole, getting the other kids to paint grandma’s fence, crazy adventures with Huck and Becky in a giant blanket of comfort that keeps me safe until the white coat people say it’s ok for me to go home. My roomies Napoleon Bonaparte and Teddy Roosevelt think knitting is silly. I say it’s the best part of arts and crafts time here.

  19. Berlinswhimsy

    Cotton-y things for the kitchen and such. It might seem boring but they’re easy to take along to the lake or on a picnic and they don’t feel hot to knit in the heat. I’m also teaching myself to crochet so I’ll probably work on that this summer, too!

  20. Lulu

    My favorite things to knit for the summer are socks. They are small and I am ready when the cooler weather comes. I do them for my grandsons for back to school.

    I also enjoy doing dishclothes.