Finish this sentence:

My favorite knitting, crochet or craft tool, accessory, book and/or yarn that I can’t live without is…


(Disclaimer: I may be using some of the scoop I receive from this post on a future episode of CRL)

50 Responses to “Finish this sentence:”

  1. Anonymous

    Ravelry… It just has everything a knitter or a crocheter would need.

  2. Earthly Fae

    LOL I have to narrow it down to one item? That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child.

    Probably a toss up between my gauge checker/ruler/needle size checker combo thingamajig (everyone has one) ..and “The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques” by Nancie M. Wiseman. Great info in that book ..because I hate finishing something incorrectly and then all my nice work looks like trash. (It’s all in the details, baby.)

  3. Beth

    We have to choose only one? 🙂

    OK, then it has to be my Harmony circs from Knit Picks. Love love love them! They’re lightweight, the cables are awesome, the joins are smooth, and they are fun to look at!

  4. BellaKarma

    Red Heart yarn! Just ’cause I live in Newport Beach doesn’t mean I’m made of money! 😉
    I took up knittin’ & crochetin’ ’cause I wanted a cheap hobby. With Red Heart, I know I can always scour the couch cushions for loose change and come up with enough money to make something.

  5. KellyD

    I had to really think about this one. I have a few things that are requsite: DPNs, my sheep tape measure, sock yarn from spunky and perchance to knit… BUT I guess the most important thing is my knitting bag! Coz if I cant carry it all in one place I’ll lose the things that are near and dear to me and my socks-to-be.

  6. Becky

    My Knit Picks Harmony needles or Addi Turbos.

    Also, my iPhone cause I can look up patterns, how to’s, needle size, or anything else not matter where I am.

  7. Beth Klein

    I can’t live without my KnitPicks Options circular needle set. They are gorgeous multicolored wood, and really sleek and smooth. Awesome!

  8. Dewdrop

    1 – GoKnit pouches. These are definitely my number one, favorite, can’t live without.
    2 – Interweave’s “The Knitter’s Companion” by Vicki Square. Great reference book, lives in my knitting bag.
    3 – Ravelry. One stop knitting organization and communication. Love it.

  9. diva mcknitster

    post it notes…use a sheet for marking ticks for rows; use 2 together to mark off a row in a pattern so you don’t get confused, bookmark a page in a knitting book, the uses are endless…

    i also love pony tapestry needles – they’re the ones with the loop of fishing line at the end instead of looking like a regular tapestry needle – the loop’s nice and big and it’s easy to get yarn through no matter how bulky the yarn. the ironic part is i wanted the needles after seeing them on KG and searched the internet to find the brand! i will cry if i ever lose one because they are really hard to find.

    i’m also a fan of short DPNs (5 inchs) because i have very small hands. knitting on longer needles are uncomfortable for me, and knitting socks on shorty DPNs feel better.

  10. Anonymous

    size 8 needles. I seem to use these the most. I have worn out 3 pair!

  11. Anonymous

    “Alterknits” The patterns are good but, it is a reminder that knitting is FUN!
    And short double pointed needles because the long ones are just frustrating to me.


  12. Laurie

    Stitch n Bitch : The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller.
    I taught myself to knit with this book and I always go back to it as a reference and for inspiration. The way the book is written it feels like Debbie is just my friend, sitting on my couch, explaining to me in casual terms how to take yarn and make something amazing.

  13. Sonia

    Zip-loc bags 1.)need to protect the stash.2)Can hold everything you need for a project ready to go and be put in your favorite knitting or handbag.I always have a couple handy in my knitting bag ready with everything in it so I can pick a project that can fit in whichever handbag I’m using.3) Offer some protection from accidental spills that might occur.
    My toothbrush holder that holds my DPN’s and a crochet hook, my little notebook for keeping notes and copies of patterns,and holds my Susan Bates “Knit Chek”(I only know the name because its next to me).

  14. Monet

    1: I agree with Ravelry – it’s awesome! What did we do before the internet?

    2: My BFF who taught me how to knit 2 years ago

    3: Socks that Rock yarn – a very expensive habit picked up from said BFF along with their sock club

  15. Holly S.

    Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl McPhee

    It answers all my knitting questions. . . and makes me laugh out loud!

  16. Dave

    What I can’t live without are my well worn, messy, paint covered work jeans.

    Their a tool (as I often wipe my brushes off on) and a handy reference chart for colors used on past projects!

  17. Brianna

    1. My crochet hook case because, without it, I would own ten hooks of every size.

    2. My 6″x6″ “easy square jr”. I even made a post about my love for this tool with regard to crochet. It’s my go-to for gauge.

    3. My Harmony Guides, 6 and 7, for when inspiration is low and I need a stitch-pattern pick-me-up. Or, sometimes, I just need to de-stress, and looking at the photographs brings a bit of inner-peace.

    4. (This is a new one.) My trusty, old mini-cassette recorder so I can record clips for my podcast. I just finished collecting the cables necessary to convert analog to digital, and now I’ve tested it all and am ready to go portable. 🙂 This probably doesn’t seem as crochet-related as it truly is, but sometimes I just need to talk designs, projects, or questions out, and it helps to be able to share that with a couple hundred people who may know exactly what I mean or am going through.

  18. WifeMomKnitter

    “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns” by Ann Budd. As the cover says, “Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges”.

    According to Ravelry, I have used this book to make (so far): 2 pairs of childrens mittens, 1 pair of adult mittens, 1 tam, and 3 pairs of socks.

    Love this book! Love it!

  19. diva mcknitster

    i recycle pill bottles for holding stitch markers and pins. i hope my knitting group peeps don’t think i’m a druggie or something… 😛

    i recently upgraded to a rolling knitting case (purple!) becos lugging (and i mean lugging) all my gear and stuff was killing my shoulders (i carry all my needles and stuff with me becos you never know when someone might need something)…

    i got these neat plastic envelope folders at the student book store at penn state that i store patterns in. i have 5 of them for different stages of projects (current projects is pink, holidays is green, tba projects is blue, knitting group stuff is red and odd ball stuff like my yarn guides and catalogs go in purple).

    i bought a moleskein book when i first started knitting to hold all my yarn ball bands – i tape each band to a page and note where i bought the yarn, when i bought it, and sometimes what i used it for. i also snip off a piece of yarn and tape it to the page so i have a general idea what the yarn is when i go back to research it (helpful if the ball band lists the color as a number and not a description). i marked off sections for different yarns – sock, wools, novelty etc. my book is bursting at the seams but i still have some empty pages.

    knitting blogs are great tools…don’t forget the mason dixon ladies and vickie’s blog too!

  20. Knitty McKnitKnit

    Ravelry! It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. (does anyone use that expression anymore?) It functions on so many levels I’m beginning to wonder how I ever lived without it.

  21. Anonymous

    Sounds crazy, but Encore yarn….I’ve made more children’s sweaters, vests, hats, scarfs, mittens from Encore yarn. It lasts forever, good price, and GREAT colors!!!

  22. kaykatrn

    My Knit Picks Harmony needles. I love the finish on them, and I think the cables on the circs are perfect!
    Number 2 would be my Kacha-Kacha (one of the 4 I own!).

  23. ashleykr86

    My favorite knitting/craft tool would have to be…blogs. They inspire me to try new things and keep me motivaited to knit/craft more so that maybe one day I can be an inspiration to someone else (or just plain inspire myself!)

  24. ashleykr86

    I almost forgot, I can’t live with out my Alice in Wonderland notebook. I keep track of where I am in my projects there, and any alterations I’ve made so that I can always do it again, or know what not to do again

  25. Mandee

    Glamour Knits by Erika Knight, There is only one pattern I haven’t used yet and the ones I have used I’ve used over and over.
    Knit1 mag, it’s the only magazine that really has young and fresh ideas, the others seem to be filled with stodginess.
    Denise interchangeable needles, I always have what I need when I need it.

  26. Marnie

    Can’t live without my graph paper. It’s great for charting out a stitch pattern, keeping track of shaping, sketching out ideas and schematics, and just general note taking.

    As for books, I’d say Maggie Righetti’s Sweater Design in Plain English, which is lovingly tucked next to me, right now.

  27. mamaneedsshoes

    My Library! It’s true… I learned how to knit through books from the library. Now I go there whenever I need a pattern I can’t find online 🙂

  28. Eden

    Online video tutorials. I’m a visual learner and, although I taught myself to knit from a book, I sometimes have trouble understanding the written instruction for a new-to-me technique. Being able to see someone do the stitch or technique whenever I need to has encouraged me try things I might have given up on without the videos.