Every Day is Like Sunday

Dear Ms. Puffy-haired, missed-a-spot-when-you-blew-it-straight, stranger:

I am unamused by the fact that you a.) decided to re-position yourself in the crowd during a pinnacle moment of a musical icon’s performance and, b.) that you chose to do so, within5 inches of my face. Although I’m sure your high-lighted locks are well worth the money to some, I do not enjoy breathing them in as the backdrop to “Panic” and “Lucky Lisp”. You are worse than a close-talker, you’re a close, back-to-me-stander. Shame on you.
Furthermore, is it really necessary to supplement the obstruction of my view with your extended arm, amateur videographer attempts? Let me fill you in a bit of reality. It’s dark. There are strobing lights…lots of them. The star himself, is dressed head-to-toe in black. We’re a good 50 feet from the stage. These things don’t add up to picture making perfection, my friend. Not to mention, you’re using a cell phone video camera that was likely FREE WITH YOUR T-MOBILE PLAN–Spielberg himself couldn’t get the shot you’re attempting! Seriously, stop. You’re kidding yourself.

5’3″ Surly Red-head Behind You

Last night Dave and I went to see Morrissey with our friends J.P. & Jamie, at The Backyard here in Austin. Besides the aforementioned incident and the woman who decided to throw herself while singing, onto a red-faced J.P., the experience was damn near musical utopia. After 20+ beautifully angst-filled years of entertaining the masses, the man’s still got it. His voice, still powerful, playful and heartbreaking. His band of young, handsome men, uniformly dressed in a Robert Palmer Girl-esque ode to beauty. His ability to be cocky and self-deprecating almost simultaneoulsy. All of it, fantastic. Anti-woman or not, the Last International Playboy can serenade me (amongst a crowd of thousands), anytime.

That is all. Thank you.


8 Responses to “Every Day is Like Sunday”

  1. Amanda1

    When I saw your post title I was hoping it was something to do with Morrissey or the Smiths! I absolutely love love love Morrissey… lucky you, girlfriend!

  2. susanc

    I love Morrissey and the Smiths. I saw Morrissey many years ago at the Hollywood Bowl and it was GREAT! I’m glad to read that he’s still “got it”!!!

  3. Monika

    Seems that lately the only concerts I go to are the ones I’m working….and that’s well just too much like work. Gawd I wish I wasn’t so jaded. Although Bob Dylan is going to be at ACL fest this year and I’ll stop working long enough to drive my little golf cart to the backstage area, turn off my walkie talkie, sit in the wings and act like a fan….for a change.

  4. Dave Lowe

    Oh Jeez Morrissey…one of the small details that stand out from college was all the well adjusted happy girls had Morrissey and Smiths posters all over their dorm rooms.

    The real macabre scary girls had Wham posters.

    Go figure.

  5. KnitXcorE

    hahahha…. I hate when cell phone videographers get in my way @ shows.

    but, still it was Mozz and I’m sure he was amazing!

  6. Jenny

    So jealous of you girl! It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen him live. (My fourteen year old has seen him more recently than *I* have.) :p

  7. Minda

    I get to see him Saturday night in “Sun City” Arizona, seems odd since he is 48 and I am turning 35 this summer, I didn’t think he drew a big senior citizen crowd. This a a great year so far, this will be the first time I get to see him live and I got to see Johnny Marr with Moudest Mouse a couple of weeks ago and the Bass player (sorry not remembering name) DJ’s at a local place as a guest spot. hmm, tonight is a tucson act for Morrissey and nothing til Friday on the site for tour dates, maybe he will hit a local place?