Easter Craft Inspiration

This time last year I was hard at work making a Peeps wreath for our annual Easterpalooza celebration.  This year though, the kiddos are with their dad so I realized today that I’d done nothing at all yet, to prepare for the holiday.  We’ve spent the better portion of the day trying to rectify that including gathering supplies to make sock bunnies, which is how I plan on spending my Sunday.  In the meantime though, I thought I’d check in on what some of my crafty friends had planned for Easter.  Here’s some of what I found!

This is an oldie, but a goodie from Knitty Gritty: an angora & wool felted bunny, by Bev Galeskas.  The pattern for this can be found on the DIY Network site.

I adore Luchadores–leave it to Crafty Chica to figure out how to incorporate them into Easter or Ostara  celebrations.  Check out her blog for more, great holiday ideas like this one.  

Egg ornaments from Craft Magazine.  These made me have decorators regret for not erecting an Easter tree this year!  To get the scoop on how to knit these up yourself, go here.

On supercrafty Susan Beal’s blog I found these sweet treats by Tweet Sweet, that have me feeling earring envy.  Three words: ear adornment elation!  

Elisabeth Doherty’s crocheted Punk Bunny from her book, Amigurumi.  I don’t actually know Elisabeth, but we have the same publisher so that almost counts as being friends, right?   Regardless, she’s a freakin’ brilliant crochet artist.  

Ok, I also don’t know the ladies over at RockScissorsPaper, but they’re my favorite stationary shop so I’m giving them a holiday holla’.  I love this card because it not only says “Spring”, it also screams, “frame me, I’m adorable!”. 😉

My sister-in-law Meredith (aka La Mer Jewelery) has a few pieces up on Etsy, but this one in particular makes me want to don it at the next garden party I’m invited to (she says, pretending that she gets invited to garden parties often…or ever.)  It’s a little bit classic, a little bit kitschy. I find that combination to be delightful.

Ok, I could probably continue doing this all day, but I’m getting the “hurry up” eye from my husband since we have a bbq to go to with a quick trip to the craft store on the way.
Have a happy rest of the weekend!

4 Responses to “Easter Craft Inspiration”

  1. Jen

    It was great to randomly run into you today, enjoy your yard-work free weekend!

  2. Lulu

    Your sister-in-law is very talented.
    Would love to see your sock bunnies.
    Thanks for posting these.
    Have a great Easter !!

  3. Anie

    I’m making the Punk Bunny from the Amigurumi book and am having the most fun making it. It won’t have the skull on it as I’m making it for a baby, but it is sooooo cute and really easy to make.

    I’ve also made the felted bunny and just loved how it turned out.