Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell (Full Series 1400 DVDs)

This season Vickie Howell and her guests take a holistic approach to yarn crafting! From spinning to knitting and crochet, Knitting Daily TV covers the whole spectrum. Learn new stitches on each episode from instructor Tanis Gray. Get into the thick and thin of yarn as expert guests explore scale by spinning super fine fibers and working with on-trend mega-bulky yarns. In addition, we head overseas to get inspiration from traditional Norwegian knitting. Closer to home, it’s all the best—Made in North America. Enjoy sweater weather by learning what style is best for your shape, and discover clever cast-ons and special sleeve treatments. Then whip up some fun accessories, knit with beads, and make projects for your kids’ playtime. You’ll see why, no matter how busy you are each day, it‘s essential to knit daily!