Drive-by VK Live Recap

As much as I’d love to wax poetic about the fantatic-ness that was Vogue Knitting Live, L.A., I have a manuscript due in 4 days. I guess you’ll (read: I’ll) just have to settle for a few iPhone pictures with captions. Enjoy!

Checked in to #VKLive and ran in to big ol' signs for my Beginner Lounge.:)
Entrance sign
Cement truck driver/ knitter brought his son to the Beginner Lounge to learn. Love it! #VKLive
My very 1st student of the weekend was a 10-year-old boy who said he wanted to “learn to knit so I can do it with my dad”. *Swoon* His dad is a cement truck driver who taught himself so he could stay occupied during his down time.
The Chevy blanket in action on the VK Live floor.:)
The Chevy blanket in action on the Beginner’s Lounge floor!
A volunteer teaches one of the male attendees how to knit.

My friend Kristin (with baby Junie), stopped by to work on a Sheep(ish) baby vest.

This attendee stopped by to learn how to crochet in the round.
Fanboys knit too.
Love the Namaste mesh bags and Buddy Tote I snagged at the Marketplace!


Day 2; another new knitter in the making!
This adorable, Loyola-Marymount student came to learn to knit and left with a finished phone cozy!

A heartfelt thanks to the people at Soho who put on such a great event, and to the wonderful volunteers that were with me the whole weekend at the Beginner’s Lounge!  I also really appreciate those of you who took the time to come by to say “hello”, check out Sheep(ish), and show support for everything from the old Knitty Gritty episodes to the cover of the upcoming Knit Simple magazine (see tomorrow’s post). I get all gushy inside when I think about your kindness.


2 Responses to “Drive-by VK Live Recap”

  1. Katrina

    Love the “drive-by” recap. I was one of those who stopped by to say hello. I adore your work, and I’m now kicking myself for being to shy to ask for a photo with you! Maybe at the next VKL?? 😉