Dollar Bin, Travel Knit Kit!

Travel Kit MainI’m a sucker for the dollar section at…really, any store. There are so many, (probably unnecessary) trinkets to be had, and who am I to show restraint by not purchasing them? It was the other day at Target, though that I came across an item that was not only a bargain, but also (stylishly with its turquoise, geometric print!) screamed possibility of being really useful to my profession/passion: knitting (and crochet.) At it’s core, it’s simply a plastic toiletries travel set. With a little imagination, it became an affordable answer to a busy crafter-on-the-go’s disorganization. Walk with me, wontcha, while I show you how a $3 find is a must-have item for your project bag!


travel kit 4

Think small: This kit fits the tiny-tools bill! Shampoo and conditioner bottles aren’t long enough to hold dpns or larger accessories, but make for the perfect, little keepers for smaller cable needles, stitch holders, and T-pins! Cream pots contain those easy-to-lose bits that every stitcher needs to have on hand!


Travel Kit5
Get a clip: My current favorite notions for finishing work on knitted garments aren’t actually meant for knitwear at all. The above pictured,  Clover Wonder Clips are designed to help sewists with hemming, but I’ve found they’re also perfect for holding smaller pieces (think: baby garments) in place while seaming them together. Bonus: they’re just the right size to fit several in a travel kit container!


Travel Kit 7
Mark the spot: I don’t know about you, but I’m perpetually looking for stitch markers. Like most of you (presumably), I’m always running out of the house to pick up a kid (or 3) from various activities or rushing to get to an event. Inevitably (if I remember at all) I end up grabbing a couple of markers to go, and just throwing them in the pocket of my project bag — or worse, into the pit of despair that is my purse. Not anymore, my crafty compadres! Now they sit pretty in a travel pot, just ripe for the takin’.


knit kit2

Hold on: Tapestry and cable needles measuring shorter than 4 1/2″/11.5 cm will slide right into a travel-sized bottle!


Travel Kit 6

So there you go: a cheap and easy (just like I like ’em) solution that you won’t want to leave home without.

Happy travels; happy stitches!


One Response to “Dollar Bin, Travel Knit Kit!”

  1. Bernie

    Thanks Vicki BRILLIANT> Ideal for popping into the hospital bag. I always taek my knitting whenever I go in and this is going to fit perfectly into my hospital bag.