DIY Face Mask Tutorial Round-up

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DIY Face Mask Tutorial Round-up

During this time of the global COVID-19 crisis, information is continuously being updated, and directives are changing. The debate about whether or not medical personnel can accept handmade masks to wear inside of hospitals continues. However, when in the virus front-lines, one can argue that a layer or two of fabric is better than nothing, so many sewists have been making them just in case.

As of today, the “CDC recommends the community use of cloth masks as an additional public health measure people can take to prevent the spread of the virus to those around them“, so we have even further reason to get sewing! To get you started, here’s a round-up of various DIY face mask tutorials.

DIY Face Mask Tutorial Round-up: Pleated Versions

DIY Face Mask | Cathie Filian

Face Mask with Filter Pocket (by Cathie Filian)

This version has versatile sizing, bias tape ties, and because the tutorial is written by DIY expert Cathie Filian, you can trust that it’s clear and concise. I’ll definitely be trying this one!


DIY Face Mask | Instructables (Round-up on VickieHowell.com)

A.B. Mask (via Instructables by Jessica Nandino)

This option has generously-sized pleats, which allows for it to be worn over a medical-grade mask. It also uses bias tape ties, allowing it to fit a wide range of faces.


DIY Face Masks by Erica Made Designs

Face Mask Video Tutorial (by Erica Made Designs)

This one uses elastic to fit over the ears, and includes both video and written instructions.


DIY Face Masks | Knit ties

Fabric Face Mask (by Made Everyday)

This version advises a clever tie option, using knit fabric which has more five than woven. Both written and video tutorials are available.


Face Mask Pattern by Norfolk Studio | Round-Up on VickieHowell.com

Face Mask Pattern (by Little Studio of Norfolk)

I made this version for my son and I before needing to make a run to ship orders. I really like this pattern because it’s simple, fast, and includes a thin wire at the top for better nose-shaping. 

Handmade Face Mask Round-up on Vickiehowell.com


DIY Face Mask Tutorial Round-up: Fitted Versions

Duckbill Face Mask by Shannie Makes

Duckbill Style Face Mask (by Shannie Makes)

This pattern offers sizes from child- men’s and employs elastic loops for fitting over ears.


Duckbill Face Mask by Chris Holmes

Duckbill Mask with Filter (via Instructables by Chris Holmes)

This version os designed by a physician/maker. It has a more traditional duckbill shape and includes a sewn-in filter.


DIY Face Mask Tutorial Round-up: No-Sew Version

DIY Face Masks | No Sew Version

No-Sew Pleated Mask (by Japanese Creations)


Face Masks ( by Craft Passion)

This tutorial includes regular sewing patterns in 3 sizes, plus options for Silhouette and Circuit machines.
I used this version (main photo above) but added an additional inch at the sides to give more channel wiggle-room for elastic to feed through, and altered the lining by hemming it on the sides to create a filter pocket (see below).


No matter which route you choose, I’m sending healthy vibes your way! 


Have extra masks? Looking for somewhere to send them? Check out Masks for Humanity!

Masks for Humanity

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  1. margaret Nagle

    THANK You for this how to make face mask pattern. I want to make theses for my kids.

  2. margaret

    THANK You for this how to make face mask pattern. I want to make theses for my kids.

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    What a nifty pattern for a not so nifty time