Diggable Planknits

It’s Friday and I’m in the mood to talk shopping. Over the past few months I’ve come across a ton o’ cool stuff, so I thought I’d finally take a quick moment to tell you about a few things I’m currently digging on. I’ll give links to where you can find everything on-line so if you like something, let you’re fingers do the walkin’. Support your local knitter, yo. πŸ˜‰ xo, Vickie

Excluding my own of course ;-), this is probably my favorite new yarn out there. T.T.’s yarns are all glitzy, vibrant, drop-dead awesome-to-the-touch, and have a lovely drape. Ranging in price from the low $30’s to the mid-$100’s (for silk & crystals), this is definitely a “treat yourself” line. If like me you’re on a budget, buy just one hank and make a short scarf or use it with some merino wool from your stash, to make the Hairpin Lace beanie that Jennifer H. (aka Stitch Diva) showed us on Knitty Gritty! Try it, you won’t be sorry.

The other day I was at Craft-O-Rama here in Austin where (amongst SO MUCH OTHER COOL STUFF!!), I came across Crafty Alien’s adorable critter kits. These are seriously squeal-worthy, people! I have a thing for owls so I’ll have to buy this one, but my son Tristan has also requested the fox and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to pass up the hedgehog…and maybe the tuxedo cat…

I luuuuuuuuuurve Wenlen Chia’s designs, and this book! During my tour I asked store owners across the nation if they carried her yarn because I was hoping to make one of the chunky, cabled cardi’s while I was traveling to places that warranted warm clothing but alas, no one had it yet (run-on sentence, much?). I know I could’ve used a different yarn in the same weight but since I know about the pressures of having a new yarn with your name on it, I really want to support hers. But I digress. Check out Twinkle’s use of color and innovative patterns in this book. Her application of traditional stitch patterns to modern shapes and styles is fantastic. Even if you don’t end up knitting any of the projects from this book, you’ll still dig having it on your shelf just to flip through every once in a while!

My friend, and author of Punk Knits, Share Ross sent me a set of her killer needles that are clearly, bad to the bone. I’m currently using them to entice my son Tanner into wanting to learn how to knit. If these don’t work, nothing will! πŸ˜‰

Spah’kle Tee

I enjoy a good black t-shirt and this one by Knit One fits the bedazzled bill. For the less “dark-like-my-soul” inclined, it’s also available in white. πŸ™‚

Modern Yarn Tee

Jamie from ScoutSwag brought one of these to me when she was on Knitty Gritty and I’ve worn it to death. Mudflap-girl knitting?! Enough said. πŸ˜‰

I got to see designs from Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Miller’s book for the first time on the runway at TNNA in January and then again, when they came to one of my signings in New York. Pretty in Punk makes me want to break out my needles, dust-off my 20-hole Docs and try not to be jealous that I didn’t think of that title first. If I were a rock star like Dave Gahan (who currently sports one of their hats on tour), I too would be a Knit-Head!

You’ve heard me sing the praise of Glampyre Knit‘s Stefanie Japel, many o’ times. Well, I’m not going to stop any time soon. She juxtaposes Victorian style with an urbanite sensibility that will surely appeal to the masses. Love her. Love her style. Love this book. Check it.

Psst!…Other than being a fan myself, I have zero connection with these products so please e-mail the companies directly with any questions. Thanks!

8 Responses to “Diggable Planknits”

  1. Scoutj

    Hey you! Thanks for the linkage. Stefanie is actually going to be here in Abq tomorrow doing a book signing and trunk show at Village Wools.

    One of these days I’m going to get you here…..

  2. Theresa

    Thanks for all the cool shopping ideas…I have Stephanie’s great book and plan on making the sweater that was featured on her episode of Knitty Gritty.

    I also purchased a felted fox kit from Crafty Alien…those little critters are just too cute for words!

  3. Joan R-B, New Jersey

    HI Vickie, I just watched you on DIY’s “Inside the Craft and Hobby Show”. Did you see any other products not shown on the air that really appealed to you? Did you see anything else that would be a great gift for a friend who is a knitter, crochet fan, or needleworker? The show seemed geared more towards scrapbooks and stamping with only a little about on fiber art products. (I loved the scarf with the water soluble base and the printable organza!) Thanks for Knitty Gritty. Happy Crafting! Joan

  4. john

    I haven’t heard run-on sentence since, well, I learned about them in 2nd grade. Or 12th. Whatever. Thanks for bringin’ me back….

  5. Vickie Howell

    Joan–Hmmm, unfortunately I didn’t see anything new and exciting at CHA in the knitting world. As you saw from the special (which I didn’t even know it aired already–thanks for the heads up!), that convention is heavy on the scrap booking. Coats & Clark and Lion Brand are really the only yarn companies that attend. Other than that, it’s a big market for publishers, so lots of cool knitting books. That’s pretty much it.

    John–I know, but I have an English teacher for a mother so I likely will forever be self-conscious about my penchant for run-on sentences and commas. πŸ˜‰


  6. Sherrie B

    Hi Vicki:

    I too was recently in Craft-O-Rama and fell in love with the critter kits. I wanted them all but for the sake of my pocket book bought the skunk in all his black and white glory.

    Love Knitty Gritty! Maybe I’ll see you around Austin sometime.


  7. ck

    I really like the big city knits designs book but have you noticed the sizing in it?

  8. Vickie Howell

    CK–No, I hadn’t noticed the sizing before you said something. Jeez, I’m a 4 and I barely make the cut on some of the patterns. That seems like not the best laid sales plan, but perhaps she’s trying to target the Juniors market?