Day of Questions

Remember that old In Living Color sketch called “Hey Mon”, about the family who’s members all had like, 12 jobs? That’s what I feel like right now. I have a few, unrelated projects on my mind and wanted to throw out some questions about them to you, my trusted readers. If you’d take a few moments to answer any of them that you have info/an opinion on, I’d totally *heart* you forever and always. πŸ™‚

1. If you make gifts, when do you start your holiday knitting/crocheting? Does the summer heat dissuade you from working with bulkier yarns? If the answer’s yes, would you change your mind if the chunky project wanted to make, was a non-wearable item (ex. pillow, through, purse, etc)?

2. What kind of patterns are you interested in buying? Accessories? Gift Items? Baby? Women’s Garments? Specific project on your mind? On my site, does it matter to you who models them (especially the adult projects), or do you even notice?

3. I’m working on a very small animation project and am looking for a flash animator. I have a cartoonist to do story boards and such, but need someone to translate those boards (as well as have some creative input). If you know someone (this could be a cool project for a film school student) that might be interested, please post their scoop here!

4. Does anyone know an L.A. area photographer that’d be willing to travel to Temecula for a quick shoot in a week or two? The gig pays (although, not a ton).

5. I’m starting to put together my interview for the next Knit.1 article with Tori Spelling and her husband Dean. I’d love to include a few reader questions, as well. If you’re a Tori & Dean or Beverly Hills 90210 fan, or just interested in celebs who knit in general, please post your hot burning curiosities here! The interview is taking place this month, so I’ll need to know soon.

Alright, I’m off to take the kids swimming while attempting to avoid at all costs, being seen in a bathing suit. That should be interesting.

Thanks for your help!


24 Responses to “Day of Questions”

  1. craftyone

    i always say i’m going to knit and crochet for the holidays, but it always ends up being a mad dash at the end of the year if i do it at all. that said, the summer heat doesn’t dissuade me from bulkier yarn-knitting. i just finished a blanket up with some. however, i made it in smaller sections and then sewed them together.

    as for models, it doesn’t matter to me who models the stuff on your site. although i’m betting that having models of a variety of sizes and shapes and colors would definitely help everyone see themselves in your stuff.

    as for miss tori. i’d wonder what her favorite projects, yarns, etc are, being someone with more money than your average person (even with her widely publicized financial stuff). i’d also want to know what sort of stuff she’s made for her new little babe. and i’d be super curious to know if she’s made anything special for her bed n breakfast.

  2. Brianna

    1. I’m a terrible procrastinator, so I end up not beginning end-of-year holiday projects until a month or so before they’re to be given. Having said that, I’m planning on moving from Florida to Rhode Island in the fall. I’m dragging some family with me and they have all requested warm accessories for the winter. Wools and chunky/bulky yarns abound! Hot, hot, hot. We’re of the type who prefer extremely long scarves and such, but I’d take a scarf, hat, or smaller projects any day over, say, blankets. πŸ™‚

    2. I don’t buy that many patterns, to be honest, because I always end up designing and creating my own. If I lean towards buying something, however, it tends to be for things I haven’t ventured into yet. Garments of all sizes, mainly.

  3. tina

    You have questions and I have answers. At least a few! πŸ™‚
    1. I never really START holiday knitting, it resides in the appropriate little bag lurking around and giving me dirty looks. I sort of knit on them all through the year. Crunch time starts in September though. I don’t mind heavier yarns in the summer, I knit in a/c for larger projects, for take-a-longs I have smaller projects that don’t sit in my lap.
    2. I am always looking for great women’s sweaters, and gifties, and socks of course.
    3. How long is the shoot in Temecula and is it on a weekend. I know of a fab available photog but dates would be needed, let me know!
    4. Questions for Tori? Always the how long have you been knitting and what is currently on your needles. What kind of projects do you lean toward doing. How about how long can you go without knitting something??????


  4. Sanya

    Hey Vickie~

    1. I’ll start making holiday gifts whenever I decide on what I want to make. Using bulkier yarns in summer really isn’t a problem as I make full use of the A/C! πŸ˜€

    2. Honestly, with the plethora of free patterns available, I haven’t purchased a pattern yet. I am interested in finding patterns for petites. Well, sweaters for busty but short-waisted gals. As for models – nah, doesn’t matter as long as you can see the item clearly.

    Sorry, can’t help with the rest. πŸ™

  5. jules

    i knitted my christmas gifts last year and started in july (hats and scarves). i was still scrabbling a week before the holidays to finish up projects and some projects had to be abandoned for time’s sake (heh, my sister in law just got her xmas scarf for her june b-day!). personally, i prefer knitting lighter, smaller things (like socks and hats) during the summer and heavier items (like afghans) when the cool weather hits, but that’s just me.

    love your site, and your yarns are a dream!

  6. Sonia

    OK here are my answers:
    1) I always say I’m going to start in July/August but never seems to work that way.Usually its late September.Then I have two hat patterns one crochet, one knit I can knock out in a pinch(like two days before Christmas).
    Bulky yarn,AC,and a margarita one way to spend a summer evening or coffee/tea outside on a summer morning, and bulky yarn works too.
    2)Always looking for great gift items,accessories.
    3)Can’t help sorry
    4)Again sorry
    5)Would you knit in public? and What are your favorite things to knit?
    If you manage to take kids swimming without being seen in a bathing suit. Share the secret.:)

  7. leann

    1. I’m a procrastinator to the max, so I don’t even start thinking about making things until at least September. Last year I was making a quilt and ended up bringing the pieces with me and finishing it up the day before Christmas Eve (when my husband’s fam opens presents.) Bulky yarns don’t bother me in the summer. I just knit in front of the a/c. I’m always cold anyways, and my husband likes the house frigid, so it’s just an added layer of warmth!

    2. I’m really into women’s garments right now. I’m collecting sweater patterns right now. I am also always on the lookout for neckwear (scarf, ascot, whatever) to add interest to boring work clothes.

    5. The same old stuff that others have asked- how long have you been knitting, what are your favorite things to make, what kind of fibers do you love, etc. I think I’m most interested in how she started knitting, because you would think someone with her background wouldn’t be into crafts, but I’ve read a lot of things about her over the years that say exactly the opposite…that she loves to craft. Very interested about how she got into all that. Can’t wait to read the article!

  8. BeadKnitter

    I can give answers to the first two sets of questions. Sorry I can’t help with the rest.:-(

    1. If you make gifts, when do you start your holiday knitting/crocheting?

    Depends on what I’m making, and how. Usually I start in October, though last year I started in July.

    Does the summer heat dissuade you from working with bulkier yarns? If the answer’s yes, would you change your mind if the chunky project wanted to make, was a non-wearable item (ex. pillow, through, purse, etc)?

    The answer is no cos I have an air conditioner. I do tend to knit smaller items in the summer time, but then I make small items as gifts.

    2. What kind of patterns are you interested in buying? Accessories? Gift Items? Baby? Women’s Garments? Specific project on your mind?

    Mostly socks and sweaters. If I see something I really like, I’ll go to the trouble of finding someone who sells it.

    On my site, does it matter to you who models them (especially the adult projects), or do you even notice?

    I prefer models who are not stick thin, but more like REAL people.

  9. Vickie Howell

    Hey, guys. I don’t think I was clear about the models. Unfortunately, my only options are myself or my friends. Since I need stuff to wear on the show, appearances and such, I need to make the garments in my size so that the time used serves two purposes. What I should’ve asked is, Does it matter to you whether or not *I* model? I noticed that the two adult patterns on my shop page that haven’t sold are the only one’s I’m not pictured wearing. It’s probably a total coincidence (since it’s summer and they’re both made out of the warmer yarn), but just thought I’d ask.

    Thanks for all of your answers so far!

  10. Sonia

    I thinks it just a coincidence. It doesn’t matter to me who models you or your friends.In fact thanks for having Jen A model the Lily Pad Neck Garland. I clicked on the link you had for her an saw some cute Bags I might have otherwise not have know about.Since I’m a newbie you have great links for me to explore.

  11. dragon knitter

    i can answer only 1 & 2
    1. i actually started this year’s holiday crafting in january! after too many years of realizing that i’m running out of time in november, i decided to join a holiday CAL (some sew, or crochet, or whatever) with a blog, and i’m working on it!

    heavy yarns don’t bother me at all. i actually made my daugher a hat & scarf from brown sheep burly spun during summer months.

    and 2

    i buy sock patterns. i tend to find what i want/need online in free formats, or in magazines i b uy, otherwise.

  12. Tina

    When I take the princess swimming, I wear mens swim trunks, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, and a tank swim top. It looks like I am not wearing a swim suit, but I secretly am;)

  13. Brianna


    I wouldn’t worry too much about models. I like versatility, so seeing others model your designs is fantastic. On the other hand, I visit your blog because of *you*, so it’s good to know that you like your work enough to be seen in it. πŸ™‚ I’m certain what you’ve experienced, regarding patterns being sold, is merely a coincidence.

  14. BellaKarma

    Hi Vickie,

    My question for Tori: “Do you participate in on-line knitting forums (communities), under an alias, perhaps?”

    I’ll come back for your other questions once I have consumed an adequate amount of caffeine.

  15. chauntel

    1. I have a tendency to make things, not like them & throw them in a gift cupboard. Specific gift ideas are always last minute for me, I am a big time procrastinator! Although around August I get motivated and finish about half of my expected Christmas gifts. I am an addicted knitter so whatever yarn/pattern strikes my fancy I knit it, damn the weather!
    2. I browse through all patterns and when one I love shows up, that is the one I buy. And yes, I am totally judgemental and the model counts ;o) I don’t care if the model is not my size, I want to see the garment looking the best it can.

  16. MsFortuknit

    Hey Sharp dressed girl!

    I knit gifts for holidays all year round and whatever I dont use I keep, and gift it later and I can knit with heavier yarn indoors in the cool and save the lighter stuff for my outside time.
    Patterns: I love classic stuff for babies and cool/classy stuff for myself, and friends. Your stuff is great and its not a big deal whos sportin it!
    Ill let friends know about the project,and I know two photographers in Temecula area, one is in Barstow? GROSS BARSTOW and Tori Spelling How long have you been knitting, whats your favorite type of yarn to knit with, and Dean is a babe!

    Sorry Ive seen you, your tiny and super cute! No worries at the pool but with the single guys and dads! hahaha
    Be well take time for you!

  17. Anonymous

    1. I’m inspired to knit for Christmas starting in September-ish. I usually knit small quick items like scarfs to give as gifts.
    I don’t knit much in the summer months but I prefer small light yarn like cotton. Heavy and bulky wool is too hot to knit in the summer. I might knit with a bulky pattern in the summer if it is for small accessories or decorative items.
    2. I enjoy knitting decorative items – accessories for myself and home. I would buy such patterns if they’re really creative, sophisticated and offer something new and innovative.

  18. Wudas

    I started making socks and fingerless gloves for all four of my sisters in January.

    The socks are for their birthdays and the gloves for Christmas. I started with the soonest birthday and knit both items. By the time the last birthday happens in November I’m done with birthdays and have Christmas done.

    I’ve finished for three sisters, (next up August birthday) and only have the November sister left.

    I like small take along projects in summer because we get away when we can and I like to take something with me.

    I find patterns everywhere, buy way too many books and magazines. I’ll knit damn near anything and even toyed with the idea of knitting a blanket for one of our horses! I saw a pattern in a book somewhere. Sanity prevailed, thank goodness.

  19. Anonymous

    1. I always end up knitting them at the end of the year even though I say I won’t. Bulkier yarns are fine all year long here. The locals insist that it gets hot here, I consider it mildly warm.
    2. Women’s garments and accessories. On your site, not really. Other sites, yes it does matter who models it. I would like to see less stick skinny folks.

  20. Anonymous

    I have ALWAYS wanted to know if celeb’s are “embarrassed” about knitting… some people can’t wrap it around their brains that people STILL knit…

    oh well,

  21. leann

    Coming back to answer the model question…I like seeing “real women”…not models. Different shapes and sizes, for sure. All my height is in my torso, so things fit me a lot different than they would someone who’s all leg. So it’s nice to see things on a variety of bodies (not just one person modeling everything) so that I can get an idea of how things really fit. I think it’s fun to see you wearing your own stuff, but I don’t mind if your friends are modeling, either.

  22. Kristen

    Question 1 – I don’t generally make knitted holiday gifts because I put too much pressure on myself. So I give knitted items at all other times of the year. Bulky yarns do not dissuade me from knitting in the summer.

    Question 2 – it doesn’t matter to me if the model is you….or anyone else. It’s more about whether the entire image looks good (lighting, etc)

    Question 4 – I know a guy that is in LA and Dallas (two offices)…he’s done a lot of work for magazines like Forbes, Texas Monthly, etc. Email me if you are interested. Do you need a makeup artist/hair/photostylist?

    Enjoy your show and your blog!!


  23. Micky

    1. I usually knit or crochet small things. And I am a great procrastinator and usually wait till a few months before. Sometimes I am finishing up the night before. Since I usually make for at least 30 people, I stay away from the larger items, heat or not.

    2. I buy just about any kind of knitted item pattern. As long as it grabs my attention. As for the models, as long as the item fits them well it doesn’t matter who models.
    I recently finished your Formality scarf. I really liked how sproingy it was. Here’s the link if you’d care to take a gander.

  24. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

    I used to haul my spinning wheel into the cube farm and spin and knit while helping people with their internet problems. Now that I get to work from home I spin, knit, make jewelery that I have ready at any gifting moment. I can’t say I start a particular project for a particular date.. that’s just inviting the procrastinator in me to sit and do something else.

    2.I think the world needs a series of skill building patterns. Start with a coaster to explore gauge and work your way up to the fair isle sweater with lace cuffs.
    Or just more sock patterns.

    3. insert cricket noise here

    4. I have a friend who is a Photographer in San Diego who is very mobile. Here is his website http://www.hokephotography.com/

    5. My questions for the glitteratti are: What type of yarn do you use? Do you gift your knits? Aluminum? Plastic? Wood or Bamboo? What type of needles do you use? and Do you spin?