Day 2

Normally the first week of shooting is a wee bit hellish. Things never go smoothly. Although there is of course a little bit of that settling in happening this go-round, for the most part, the last two days have been pretty damn good. Today, is was all boys, all the time. We shot two shows, the first guested by Stephen Houghton of the blog, Hizknits. He was delightful and the show went off without a hitch. The Knitsters where awesome too and because of the new way we’re shooting, we actually had, IMHO, the best end of show banter ever. Hopefully that will come through in the final edit. Anywhoodles, here’s Steven and I posing purposely awkwardly, a la prom.

This next one is of us with the Knisters, Aaron, David and Kristin.

John Brinegar returned as a guest for the 2nd show today. His stuff is always cool, urban and fun to work on. This first picture is of him and producer Lorelei prepping for the next act while Dave & Andri (art department) set up the props.

Like with today’s first show, two of our Knitsters for this one were guys. Both had learned to knit from their respective girlfriends and although they’re good friends in real life, neither one had told the other about their knitting habit until being called to do Knitty Gritty. I thought that was adorable. After the shoot we convinced them to step away from their needles to skate a bit on the set.

This last one is from my perspective at the demo table, taken of the Knitsters hanging out between takes. From L-R is Eric, Danika and Mike.

Ok, I’m beat so I’m going to wrap up some work and get into bed. Have a good night!


8 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Anonymous


    I was so very excited to stumble on your blog today. It is ironic that I did though since I have been commenting on the Yarn Harlots blog about the show lately. In case you haven’t been reading it, she has been writing recently about all the socks she is making for your show. Not sure when she is on it but I am supposing soon. Anyway, wanted to leave a comment and tell you that I enjoy the show and maybe I can be a knitster with you someday 🙂 Ta, Ta for now!

    Marly Knits

  2. strangelittlemama

    I love the way that one dude is all sprawled on the couch. I can’t wait to see your update after you have my best girl, Scout, on the show!

  3. Anonymous

    you are in trouble. In the future its all looms. looms and science.

  4. Ann Otlewski

    Vicki, Love, love, love the show! When does the new season start and what dates is STephanie Pearl-McPhee going to be on?

    Ann Otlewski

  5. Stephen

    I can’t believe you have energy to post after shooting all day and wearing such fabulous shows! I love that prom photo.

    Thanks for being even more wonderful than Betsy could describe. She says hello back ‘atcha. Whenever you’re in SF give us a ring-ring.

    I look forward to knitting with you again!

  6. -Dave

    Seeing one of the pictures it reminds me to ask you to take less time in “make up”. I don’t mind being your “stand in” when “camera blocking”…but I find it annoying that people confuse us all the time. Why was I cursed with your beauty, looking like twins.