DAVE Scarf–Free Pattern!!

DAVE 2.0: Crocheted Scarf
Why risk the boyfriend sweater curse when you can just make this kick-ass, 4-hour Scarf?

Model: Dave Campbell  Photo: Vickie Campbell

Vickie Howell Collection ROCK (40% Soysilk/30% Fine Wool/ 30% Hemp; 100m/50gr) in colors:
MC 3 balls Thom (brown)
CC-1 1 ball Trent (grey)
CC-2 1 ball Siouxsie (purple)
CC-3 1 ball Joan (black)

Size US N (9mm) crochet hook
Tapestry Needle

Approx 5” x 89”

NOTE: Yarn is always double stranded for this project.

With MC, loosely ch 181.
Row 1: Dc in 3rd ch from hook and to end. Turn. (178 sts.)
Row 2: Join CC-1, ch1, sc in next st and to end. Turn.
Row 3: Ch3, dc in next st and to end. Turn.
Rows 4-7: Repeat last 2 rows, twice more.
Row 8: Join CC-2, ch1, sc in next st and to end. Turn.
Row 9: Join CC-3, Ch3, dc in next st and to end. Tie of.

Weave in ends. Block, if necessary.

Pssst!.. Hey, Canadian knitters & crocheters–did you see ROCK featured on HGTV Canada’s show, She’s Crafty?  Go here for scoop.

Copyright Vickie Howell, Inc. 2007. All rights reserved.

5 Responses to “DAVE Scarf–Free Pattern!!”

  1. Brianna

    Looks great, and yet is still simple enough, with the double stranded and stitch used, to whip up fast!

    I really like the pop of color as the two bottom rows. It turns a monotone scarf into a little jazz.

  2. Roe

    I heart this pattern! I needed a nice pattern for the hubby, so this comes just in time. Thanks!!

    I love the ad, btw – “Dave is taken… but the pattern is free.” Love it!

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice! A great project for my daughter. She crochets. I knit.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve been meaning to post about a great knitting involved movie. It’s a foreign film, “Wool 100%” in Japanese with English subtitles. I think you would get a kick out of it!