Ask Me Monday: How to Use Curved Double Pointed Needles

Ask Me Monday Curved Double Pointed Needles

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How to Use Curved Double Pointed Needles(knitting)

Episode 44 of Ask Me Monday focused on a new tool to the knitting world: Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles (cdpns). Since knitting’s been around for longer than anyone’s been able to specifically pinpoint thus far, the amount of “newness” in the instruments category is pretty rare. Sure, every generation reinvents the craft — reclaiming it with modern vim and vigor — but still, it’s two sticks and some yarn. The Neko needles, however through a curve ball to the industry. Or rather, a set of curved needles.

What’s the benefit of using them them?

CDPNS are meant for projects requiring to be knit in the round, and act as sort of a hybrid between traditional double-pointed needle knitting, and the magic loop method. The main benefits I see to using curved double pointed needles are: 1) there’s no worry of stitches dropping off the needles as they often do with straight dpns, and 2) the jog ladder at the beginning of each round that occurs with both the magic loop method and dpns, simply doesn’t with curved double pointed needles.


Watch the video for a tutorial on how to cast on, divide stitches, and knit on Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles! Then, head over to to nab some needles of your own. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING on your entire, crafty order with purchase of two or more sets (exp 9/12.) Just use code: ASKMEMONDAY at checkout!

As always, thanks for spending a little part of your week with me. Be sure to tune in again next Monday for a new episode LIVE on Facebook.

Curved Double Pointed Needles

Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles, Size US 6.



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  1. Dee Thompson

    Hey! So excited to learn that I won a set of Clover big, gat circs! Ha ha! Just found out today when I watched youir recorded live FB episode yesterday! I usually watch when you are live. Guess I just forgot yesterday. I emailed you earlier today when I found out, but couldn’t find your email in print. Listened several times when ypu gave ypu email on the show so I emailed my Addy to you but just on case ypu didn’t get it, I’ll leave it here!
    525A Rainey Rd
    Salisbury, NC 28146
    New email is:

    I’m so excited! Just hearing you call out my name was so cool! Had to share with myu friends! Amd , oh my, how I LOVE big, fat needles to go with myu super bulky yarns! Besides knitting for the fam, selling at craft fairs, I started a prayer shawl group at my church so using big tools and thick yarn helps me to get things done quicker! Again, I’m sooooo excited! Love you, your show on FB and Knitting Daily on pbs which I always record! And I love Clover and the Neko needles you had on your FB show. I think I’ve had mine close to a year – right after I found out about them and love them! I ordered from a UK shop – Deramores and shipping was crazy so I’m glad to know that Maker’s Mercantile stocks them! Sorry for going on and on – can you tell I’m giddy?! Thanks again!!!!