Cucina Kid

On my last flight home from L.A. I sat next to the author of a new cookbook for kids called: Handstand Kids: Italian Cookbook, Yvette Garfield. We started talking shop about the book promoting circuit and she let me flip through a copy of hers (which comes packaged in a pizza box and includes a kid-sized chef hat). It’s really cute and includes a diverse cast of cooking characters (different nationalities, eating requirements and physical challenges) , that’d make any kid feel like they belong in life…and in the kitchen. There are also a ton of simple, yummy recipes accompanied by user friendly pictures described in both English and Italian!

Tristan with Author/Cooking Instructor, Yvette Garfield.

Yvette was coming to Austin to teach at the Whole Foods Culinary Center over the weekend. One of her classes was for 5-7 years olds, so my son Tristan and I decided to check it out this morning. It was a really fun experience for him and although he still remains one of the pickiest eaters ever, hopefully learning how to make new foods will eventually broaden his dietary
horizons past waffles, cheese (sharp cheddar, unmelted) and apples.

In the same “small world” category that running into Yarn Harlot at the Atlanta Airport belongs in, Yvette will also be joining forces on a project with the cooking columnist for Kiwi, the same magazine that my Eco-Craft column runs in. Stay tuned for that and my soy candle-making instructions, in the next issue!

Happy Saturday!


4 Responses to “Cucina Kid”

  1. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    Kids, books and cooking are my other passions. I am an Italian-American – cooking is genetic! I am also a children’s librarian, always on the look for great books for kids. Tristen will have to give up a kid’s review and let us know what he thinks too. Keep trying to expand that pallet, he’ll grow into things yet!

    Denise: the knitting, crocheting, yogini librarian

  2. krysten

    thanks for the head’s up on this book, it sounds great! my son (4) already likes to cook with us so this will be right up his alley!

  3. Tina

    My daughter is 11 and has always been a picky eater. For years she would only eat food that was white or the color of cheese. When she was old enough to make some of her own food, her repetoir started to expand. Now she will try almost anything unless it’s green. Sounds like a great book! Thanks!

  4. Sorka

    Ok.. I have to say he looks just absolutely adorable in that chef hat! The cutest!!
    My boys were making up a concoction in the kitchen yesterday.. woosh. nothing you would want to eat but boys do love to play in the kitchen.. keep cultivating that maybe he will be just as crafty in the kitchen as you are with yarn!