CRL: Sustainabilknitty Episode!

It’s Thursday and that means, a new episode of CRL! Listen right now from your computer on my website, or download it from iTunes and take it with you on your Mp3 player to check out out your leisure. Here’s the scoop on this week’s CRL!

Adrienne Armstrong

Guest: Adrienne Armstrong AND

Topic: Scoop on knitting, crochet and crafting with eco-friendly materials. We’ll also chat about Adrienne’s new sustainable living boutique and her work with Habitat for Humanity!

Format: Interview with Adrienne, T3 segment (This episode’s segment offers tips on environmentally conscious crafting ) and the Ramblings segment (thoughts about making eco-choices that work for you and scoop on a few crafty companies to check out!)

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P.S. If you missed last week’s holiday themed episode with the Crafty Chica, not to worry! Listen to is any time on my website and iTunes!

5 Responses to “CRL: Sustainabilknitty Episode!”

  1. Hanna

    This is the episode I couldn’t wait to hear, but I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer because I’m waiting for it to show up on my podcast ready subscription because of my slow connection. Loved the first episode though!

  2. Amanda D Allen

    This was a fantastic episode! The interview was really quiet, but it was definitely worth turning up the speakers. Adrienne was interesting and educational. This was a great topic. Thanks!

  3. Roe

    So I decided to download the podcasts (this and the Dia De Los Crafty one) this morning as I was getting the kids ready for school – I loved it!!! Vickie, you may have saved someone’s life on the NYC subway system today because I was too busy enjoying the podcast to experience commuting rage (had to stand all the way in, so I couldn’t knit).

    This is a great topic, and I love that you and Adrienne are all about teaching boys to knit. My 3rd grader has been asking me for close to a year; I think I may have to do it. I taught him to latch hook last year and we’ve been working on counted cross stitch. Maybe it’s time to bust out a skull pattern and let him go!