Crafting from the Collection Event Photos

Leading a Crafting from the Collection event at the very swank, Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth was one of the highlights of my career thus far. I opened, by telling the crowd that crafters are usually considered the red-headed step children of the art world, so I was thrilled that the museum started this series to help bridge that gap. Really though, it was also a personal honor for me to be invited to both create craft pieces inspired by modern works, and then be given the opportunity to discuss the interconnectivity between art and craft. The difference (or lack thereof) between art vs. craft was discussed in my book Craft Corps, so I was happy to be able to continue that discussion there. Here are a few pictures from the evening–enjoy!

Dave’s artsy shot of the stairway to the museum entrance.
A few knitter’s came early, but were prepared for the wait.

Set-up in front of the 1st piece I chose, Josef Alber’s “Study to Homage to the Square Remote”.

My creation
Hand quilted pillow, embroidered collage and knitted scarf, inspired by works in the museum. Get the pattern for the latter, the Dewy Scarf (and see Wilson Alwyn Bentley’s photograph which inspired it), over at!

Signing copies of Craft Corps.

Signing the 1st pattern this attendee ever knit from, my Kick-Ascot–so cool she brought it!

Dave with our oldest son, Tanner, at the reception.

Our youngest son, Tristan, was inspired to draw during the event.

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  1. kat

    Just love your blog and talent…Am a Home Ec. teacher in So. Ca. ( not many of us) and want to start a Knitting club..need to search your blog and find an easy pattern to start with…Any recommendations? You rock! my blog is

  2. Vickie Howell

    Hey, Kat! Wow, I grew up in So Ca and didnt realize that there were any home ec teachers left out there. Good for you!

    Here’s the link to my Projects page, if you’re looking for classroom projects in several, crafty genres.

    As far as the knitting club goes though, here are a couple of easy project ideas: